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  • Usoa

    Means "dove" in Basque.

  • Ustinya

    Russian form of Justina.

  • Utari

    Means "patient" in Javanese.

  • Ute

    Feminine form of Udo.

  • Uther

    From the Welsh name Uthyr, derived from Welsh uthr "terrible".

  • Uthman

    Means "baby bustard" in Arabic (a bustard is a type of large bird).

  • Uthyr

    Welsh form of Uther.

  • Utku

    Means "victory" in Turkish.

  • Utz

    Diminutive of Ulrich.

  • Uwe

    German form of Ove.

  • Uxía

    Galician form of Eugenia.

  • Uxío

    Galician form of Eugene.

  • Uxue

    From the Basque name of the Spanish town of Ujué where there is a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

  • Uzi

    Variant of Uzzi.

  • Uziah

    Uziah is a Hebrew name which means "Yahweh is my strength".

  • Uzma

    Means "supreme, greatest" in Arabic.

  • Uzochi

    Means "God's way" in Igbo.

  • Uzoma

    Means "good way" in Igbo.

  • Uzzi

    Means "my power" in Hebrew.

  • Uzziah

    Means "my power is Yahweh " in Hebrew.

  • Uzziel

    Means "my power is God" in Hebrew.

  • Uzziyyah

    Hebrew form of Uzziah.

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Names between Usoa and Uzziyyah that Begin with U. Usoa, Ustinya, Utari, Ute, Uther, Uthman, Uthyr, Utku, Utz, Uwe, Uxía, Uxío, Uxue, Uzi, Uziah, Uzma, Uzochi, Uzoma, Uzzi, Uzziah, Uzziel, Uzziyyah, Names between Usoa and Uzziyyah that Begin with U

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