Urban name - Meaning of Urban

Urban name - Meaning of Urban

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Danish, Swedish, German, Polish, Slovene, Biblical, History, Latin
UWR-bahn (Polish) , UR-bən (English)
Urban Meaning
From the Latin name Urbanus which meant "city dweller". This name is mentioned briefly in one of Paul 's epistles in the New Testament. It was subsequently borne by eight popes. Urban is derived from the Latin name "Urbanus", which means "a city dweller".

Urban Related Names
Other Languages: Ourbanos (Biblical Greek), Urbanus (Biblical Latin), Urbain (French), Orbán (Hungarian), Urbano (Italian), Urbanus (Late Roman), Urbano (Spanish)

Urban Celebrities
Urban Shocker - baseball player,

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Meaning of Urban Name

Urban name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Urban.

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