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  • Uaithne

    Means "green" in Irish Gaelic.

  • Ualan

    Scottish form of Valentine.

  • Uberto

    Italian form of Hubert.

  • Ubon

    Ubon originates in Thai language and it means "lotus flower".

  • Uday

    Uday is a Sanskrit name and means "to appear".

  • Udi

    Diminutive of Ehud.

  • Udo

    Newer form of Odo (see Otto).

  • Udom

    Udom originates in Thai language and it means "principled".

  • Ueli

    Swiss diminutive of Ulrich.

  • Uffe

    Variant of Ulf.

  • Ufuk

    Means "horizon" in Turkish.

  • Ugne

    Means "fire" in Lithuanian.

  • Ugo

    Italian form of Hugh.

  • Ugur

    Means "good omen" in Turkish.

  • Uilleag

    Either an Irish form of the Old Norse name Hugleikr, or else a diminutive of Uilliam.

  • Uilleam

    Scottish form of William.

  • Uilliam

    Irish form of William.

  • Uinseann

    Irish form of Vincent.

  • Ùisdean

    Scottish Gaelic form of the Old Norse name Eysteinn.

  • Ujarak

    Means "rock" in Inuktitut.

  • Uk

    From Sino-Korean "dawn, rising sun" or "fragrant".

  • Ukaleq

    Means "hare" in Greenlandic.

  • Ukko

    Means "old man" in Finnish.

  • Ukrit

    Ukrit originates in Thai language and it means "supreme".

  • Ula

    Diminutive of Urszula.

  • Uladzimir

    Belarusian form of Vladimir.

  • Ulbrecht

    Ulbrecht is a Germanic name, a variant of Albert.

  • Ulderico

    Italian form of Hulderic, sometimes considered a form of Ulrich.

  • Ulf

    From the Old Norse byname Úlfr meaning "wolf".

  • Úlfr

    Old Norse form of Ulf.

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Names that Begin with U. Uaithne, Ualan, Uberto, Ubon, Uday, Udi, Udo, Udom, Ueli, Uffe, Ufuk, Ugne, Ugo, Ugur, Uilleag, Uilleam, Uilliam, Uinseann, Ùisdean, Ujarak, Uk, Ukaleq, Ukko, Ukrit, Ula, Uladzimir, Ulbrecht, Ulderico, Ulf, Úlfr, Names that Begin with U

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