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  • Léandre

    French form of Leander.

  • Leandro

    Spanish, Portuguese and Italian form of Leander.

  • Leandros

    Greek form of Leander.

  • Leann

    Combination of Lee and Ann.

  • Leanna

    Probably this was originally a variant of Liana.

  • Leannan

    Leannan is a Celtic name and is not used nowadays.

  • Leanne

    Combination of Lee and Anne.

  • Leanora

    Short form of Eleanora.

  • Lear

    Lear is an English locational name for those who came from Leire in Leiceschestershire.

  • Leary

    Anglicized form of Laoghaire.

  • Leatrice

    Possibly a combination of Leah and Beatrice.

  • Lebaron

    Lebaron is an American English invention, the combiantion of "Le", a French word meaning "the", and "baron".

  • Leberecht

    Means "live rightly" from German lebe "live" and recht "right".

  • Lech

    From the name of the Slavic tribe the Lendians, called the Lędzianie in Polish.

  • Lechoslaw

    Derived from the Slavic elements Lech (see Lech) and slav "glory".

  • Lechoslawa

    Feminine form of LechoslAw.

  • Lecia

    Short form of Alicia, Felicia or Letitia.

  • Leda

    Possibly means "woman" from Greek.

  • Lee

    From a surname which was derived from Old English leah meaning "clearing".

  • Leeann

    Combination of Lee and Ann.

  • Leeba

    Means "beloved" in Yiddish.

  • Leela

    Variant transcription of Lila.

  • Leelo

    Means "folk song" in Estonian.

  • Leeman

    Leeman is derived from Lee.

  • Leena

    Finnish and Estonian short form of Helena or Matleena.

  • Leesa

    Variant of Lisa.

  • Leevi

    Finnish form of Levi.

  • Lefteris

    Short form of Eleftherios.

  • Legolas

    Means "green leaves" in Sindarin, from laeg "green" combined with go-lass "collection of leaves".

  • Lehi

    From an Old Testament place name meaning "jawbone" in Hebrew.

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Names between Léandre and Lehi that Begin with L. Léandre, Leandro, Leandros, Leann, Leanna, Leannan, Leanne, Leanora, Lear, Leary, Leatrice, Lebaron, Leberecht, Lech, Lechoslaw, Lechoslawa, Lecia, Leda, Lee, Leeann, Leeba, Leela, Leelo, Leeman, Leena, Leesa, Leevi, Lefteris, Legolas, Lehi, Names between Léandre and Lehi that Begin with L

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