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  • Langham

    Langham is an English locational name for people who come from Langham in Suffolk, Norfolk or Dorset.

  • Langley

    Langley is an Anglo-Saxon name, derived from the Old Norse female name "Langlif", which means "long life".

  • Langston

    Langston is a locational English surname, given to people who come from Langston in Hampshire or Devonshire.

  • Lanh

    Lanh originates in Vietnamese language and it means "happy person".

  • Lành

    Means "happy, good, gentle" in Vietnamese.

  • Lani

    Means "sky, heaven" in Hawaiian.

  • Lanny

    Diminutive of Lance, Landon, and other names beginning with Lan.

  • Lanre

    Short form of Olanrewaju.

  • Lanty

    Diminutive of Leachlainn.

  • Lanzo

    German form of Lance.

  • Laoghaire

    Modern Irish form of Lóegaire.

  • Laoise

    Possibly a newer form of Luigsech.

  • Lapo

    Diminutive of Jacopo.

  • Laquan

    Laquan is a modern American English invention, a combination of the prefix "La" with the Chinese name "Quan", which means "spring".

  • Lara

    Russian short form of Larisa.

  • Lára

    Icelandic form of Laura.

  • Laraine

    Variant of Lorraine.

  • Laramie

    Although Laramie sounds French it is actually an American English name, derived from the place name Laramie, a town in Wyoming.

  • Lari

    Finnish diminutive of Laurence or Hilarius.

  • Larisa

    Possibly derived from the name of the ancient city of Larisa in Thessaly, which meant "citadel".

  • Larissa

    Variant of Larisa.

  • Lark

    From the English word for the type of songbird.

  • Larkin

    Medieval diminutive of Laurence.

  • Larrie

    Diminutive of Laurence.

  • Larry

    Diminutive of Laurence.

  • Lars

    Scandinavian form of Laurence.

  • Larue

    Larue originates in French language and means "the street".

  • Larunda

    Possibly connected to Greek λαλειν (lalein) "to speak", or the Latin term Lares referring to minor guardian gods.

  • Lárus

    Icelandic form of Laurence.

  • Laryn

    Variant of Lauren.

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Names between Langham and Laryn that Begin with L. Langham, Langley, Langston, Lanh, Lành, Lani, Lanny, Lanre, Lanty, Lanzo, Laoghaire, Laoise, Lapo, Laquan, Lara, Lára, Laraine, Laramie, Lari, Larisa, Larissa, Lark, Larkin, Larrie, Larry, Lars, Larue, Larunda, Lárus, Laryn, Names between Langham and Laryn that Begin with L

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