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  • Laura

    Feminine form of the Late Latin name Laurus, which meant "laurel".

  • Lauraine

    Variant of Lorraine influenced by the spelling of Laura.

  • Laure

    French form of Laura.

  • Laureen

    Diminutive of Laura.

  • Laurel

    From the name of the laurel tree, ultimately from Latin laurus.

  • Laurelle

    Variant of Laurel.

  • Lauren

    Variant or feminine form of Laurence.

  • Laurena

    Elaboration of Lauren.

  • Laurence

    From the Roman cognomen Laurentius, which meant "from Laurentum".

  • Laurencia

    Feminine form of Laurence.

  • Laurenco

    Laurenco is a Portuguese variant of Laurentius.

  • Laurene

    Diminutive of Laura.

  • Laurențiu

    Romanian form of Laurentius (see Laurence).

  • Laurens

    Dutch form of Laurentius (see Laurence).

  • Laurent

    French form of Laurentius (see Laurence).

  • Laurentia

    Feminine form of Laurentius (see Laurence).

  • Laurentin

    French form of Laurentinus.

  • Laurentina

    Feminine form of Laurentinus.

  • Laurentine

    Feminine form of Laurentin.

  • Laurentinus

    Roman cognomen which was a derivative of Laurentius (see Laurence).

  • Laurentius

    Ancient Roman form of Laurence.

  • Laurenz

    German form of Laurentius (see Laurence).

  • Lauressa

    Diminutive of Laura.

  • Lauretta

    Italian diminutive of Laura.

  • Laurette

    French diminutive of Laura.

  • Lauri

    Finnish form of Laurence.

  • Laurie

    Diminutive of Laura or Laurence.

  • Laurinda

    Variant of Lorinda.

  • Laurine

    Diminutive of Laure.

  • Laurissa

    Diminutive of Laura.

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Names between Laura and Laurissa that Begin with L. Laura, Lauraine, Laure, Laureen, Laurel, Laurelle, Lauren, Laurena, Laurence, Laurencia, Laurenco, Laurene, Laurențiu, Laurens, Laurent, Laurentia, Laurentin, Laurentina, Laurentine, Laurentinus, Laurentius, Laurenz, Lauressa, Lauretta, Laurette, Lauri, Laurie, Laurinda, Laurine, Laurissa, Names between Laura and Laurissa that Begin with L

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