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  • Laurita

    Diminutive of Laura.

  • Laurits

    Danish and Norwegian form of Laurentius (see Laurence).

  • Lauritz

    Danish and Norwegian form of Laurentius (see Laurence).

  • Lauro

    Italian form of Laurus (see Laura).

  • Laurus

    Original masculine form of Laura.

  • Lauryn

    Variant of Lauren.

  • Laurynas

    Lithuanian form of Laurentius (see Laurence).

  • Lavada

    Lavada originates in Spanish language and means "washed".

  • Lavanya

    Means "beauty, grace" in Sanskrit.

  • Lavar

    Lavar is an English American invention and does not have any specific meaning.

  • Lavelle

    Lavelle is an English variant of the French name "La Valle", which means "the valley".

  • Lavena

    Variant of Lavinia.

  • Lavender

    From the English word for the aromatic flower or the pale purple colour.

  • Lavern

    Variant of Laverne.

  • Laverna

    Meaning unknown.

  • Laverne

    From a surname which was derived from a French place name, ultimately derived from the Gaulish word vern meaning "alder".

  • Lavi

    Means "lion" in Hebrew.

  • Lavina

    Variant of Lavinia.

  • Lavinia

    Meaning unknown, probably of Etruscan origin.

  • Lavon

    Lavon is a variant of the Hebrew name Laban.

  • Lavone

    Variant of Lavonne.

  • Lavonne

    Combination of the popular prefix La with the name Yvonne.

  • Lavra

    Slovene form of Laura.

  • Lavrenti

    Variant transcription of Lavrentiy.

  • Lavrentios

    Greek form of Laurentius (see Laurence).

  • Lavrentiy

    Russian form of Laurentius (see Laurence).

  • Lavrenty

    Variant transcription of Lavrentiy.

  • Law

    Medieval diminutive of Laurence.

  • Lawahiz

    Means "glances" in Arabic.

  • Lawan

    Possibly means "beautiful" in Thai.

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Names between Laurita and Lawan that Begin with L. Laurita, Laurits, Lauritz, Lauro, Laurus, Lauryn, Laurynas, Lavada, Lavanya, Lavar, Lavelle, Lavena, Lavender, Lavern, Laverna, Laverne, Lavi, Lavina, Lavinia, Lavon, Lavone, Lavonne, Lavra, Lavrenti, Lavrentios, Lavrentiy, Lavrenty, Law, Lawahiz, Lawan, Names between Laurita and Lawan that Begin with L

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