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  • Egor

    Egor is a Russian form of George.

  • Eguzki

    Means "sun" in Basque.

  • Eguzkiñe

    Feminine form of Eguzki.

  • Eha

    Means "dusk" in Estonian.

  • Ehmet

    Uyghur form of Ahmad.

  • Ehren

    Ehren most likely originates in Germanic languages and its meaning is unclear.

  • Ehsan

    Persian form of Ihsan.

  • Ehud

    Means "united" in Hebrew.

  • Éibhear

    Meaning unknown.

  • Éibhir

    Variant of Éibhear.

  • Eibhlín

    Irish form of Aveline.

  • Eideard

    Scottish form of Edward.

  • Eidel

    Means "delicate" in Yiddish.

  • Eider

    Feminine form of Eder.

  • Eifion

    Meaning unknown.

  • Eigyr

    Welsh form of Igraine.

  • Eiichi

    Eiichi is a Japanese name and means “the prosperous one”.

  • Eija

    Possibly from the Finnish happy exclamation eijaa.

  • Eiji

    Eiji is a Japanese name that literally means “the second born one”.

  • Eilam

    Eilam is a Hebrew name and means “eternal”.

  • Eileen

    Anglicized form of Eibhlín.

  • Eileifr

    Old Norse form of Elof.

  • Eileithyia

    Greek form of Ilithyia.

  • Eilert

    Frisian and Scandinavian form of Egilhard.

  • Eilidh

    Diminutive of Eilionoir, sometimes taken to be a Gaelic form of Helen.

  • Eilionoir

    Scottish form of Eleanor.

  • Eilís

    Irish Gaelic form of Elizabeth (or sometimes of Alice).

  • Eilish

    Anglicized form of Eilís.

  • Eiluned

    Variant of Eluned.

  • Eilwen

    Perhaps means "white brow" from Welsh ael "brow" and gwen "white, fair, blessed".

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Names between Egor and Eilwen that Begin with E. Egor, Eguzki, Eguzkiñe, Eha, Ehmet, Ehren, Ehsan, Ehud, Éibhear, Éibhir, Eibhlín, Eideard, Eidel, Eider, Eifion, Eigyr, Eiichi, Eija, Eiji, Eilam, Eileen, Eileifr, Eileithyia, Eilert, Eilidh, Eilionoir, Eilís, Eilish, Eiluned, Eilwen, Names between Egor and Eilwen that Begin with E

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