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  • Earleen

    Feminine form of Earl.

  • Earlene

    Feminine form of Earl.

  • Earline

    Feminine form of Earl.

  • Earnest

    Variant of Ernest influenced by the spelling of the English word earnest.

  • Earnestine

    Variant of Ernestine.

  • Eartha

    Combination of the English word earth with the feminine name suffix a.

  • Easter

    From the English name of the Christian festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.

  • Eastmund

    Old English form of Esmond.

  • Easton

    From an English surname which was derived from place names meaning "east town" in Old English.

  • Eaton

    Eaton is an English name, derived from two Old English words - “ea” which means river and “tun” which means a settlement or enclosure.

  • Eavan

    Anglicized form of Aoibheann.

  • Eban

    Eban is a derivative of the term “ebony” which comes from the Latin word “ebenius” and means “burnt wood”.

  • Ebba

    Feminine form of Ebbe.

  • Ebbe

    Diminutive of Eberhard and other names beginning with the Germanic element eber meaning "wild boar".

  • Ebele

    Means "mercy, kindness" in Igbo.

  • Eben

    Short form of Ebenezer.

  • Ebenezer

    Means "stone of help" in Hebrew.

  • Éber

    Old Irish form of Éibhear.

  • Eberardo

    Spanish form of Everard.

  • Eberhard

    German form of Everard.

  • Ebony

    From the English word ebony for the black wood which comes from the ebony tree.

  • Ebrahim

    Persian form of Abraham.

  • Ebru

    Means "paper marbling" in Turkish.

  • Eburwin

    Old Germanic cognate of Eoforwine.

  • Ecaterina

    Romanian form of Katherine.

  • Ece

    Means "queen" in Turkish.

  • Ecgberht

    Old English form of Egbert.

  • Echo

    Means "echo" from the word for the repeating reflected sound, which derives from Greek ηχη (eche) "sound".

  • Eckart

    Variant of Ekkehard.

  • Eckbert

    German cognate of Egbert.

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Names between Earleen and Eckbert that Begin with E. Earleen, Earlene, Earline, Earnest, Earnestine, Eartha, Easter, Eastmund, Easton, Eaton, Eavan, Eban, Ebba, Ebbe, Ebele, Eben, Ebenezer, Éber, Eberardo, Eberhard, Ebony, Ebrahim, Ebru, Eburwin, Ecaterina, Ece, Ecgberht, Echo, Eckart, Eckbert, Names between Earleen and Eckbert that Begin with E

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