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  • Elbert

    Dutch variant of Adelbert.

  • Elchin

    Variant transcription of Elçin.

  • Elçin

    Possibly means "ambassador" in Azerbaijani.

  • Elda

    Italian form of Hilda.

  • Eldad

    Means "God has loved" in Hebrew.

  • Eldar

    From Turkic el "country, society" and Persian (dar) "possessor".

  • Elder

    Variant of Hélder.

  • Eldon

    From a surname which was from a place name meaning "Ella's hill" in Old English.

  • Eldora

    Eldora originates in Spanish language and means "golden".

  • Eldred

    From an English surname which was derived from EALDRæD.

  • Eldric

    Eldric is a Germanic name, directly derived from another name, Aldrich, itself derived from the Germanic words “ald” which means old and “ric” which means rich or wealthy.

  • Eldridge

    Eldridge is an English name, derived from the name Eldred, itself based on two words - “eald” which means “old” and “raed” which means "counsel or advice".

  • Elea

    Short form of Eleanor.

  • Eleanor

    From the Old French form of the Occitan name Aliénor.

  • Eleanora

    Latinate form of Eleanor.

  • Eleanore

    Variant of Eleanor.

  • Eleazar

    From the Hebrew name ('El'azar) meaning "my God has helped".

  • Electa

    Electa is most likely a variant of Alecto.

  • Electra

    Latinized form of Greek Ηλεκτρα (Elektra) , derived from ηλεκτρον (elektron) meaning "amber".

  • Eleftheria

    Feminine form of Eleftherios.

  • Eleftherios

    Modern Greek form of Eleutherios (see Eleutherius).

  • Elek

    Hungarian form of Alexis.

  • Elektra

    Greek form of Electra.

  • Elen

    Welsh form of Helen.

  • Elena

    Cognate of Helen, and a variant Russian transcription of Yelena.

  • Elene

    Modern Greek and Georgian form of Helen.

  • Eleni

    Variant transcription of Elene.

  • Elenora

    Form of Eleanor.

  • Eleonoora

    Finnish form of Eleanor.

  • Eleonor

    Variant of Eleanor.

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Names between Elbert and Eleonor that Begin with E. Elbert, Elchin, Elçin, Elda, Eldad, Eldar, Elder, Eldon, Eldora, Eldred, Eldric, Eldridge, Elea, Eleanor, Eleanora, Eleanore, Eleazar, Electa, Electra, Eleftheria, Eleftherios, Elek, Elektra, Elen, Elena, Elene, Eleni, Elenora, Eleonoora, Eleonor, Names between Elbert and Eleonor that Begin with E

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