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  • Edurne

    Feminine form of Edur.

  • Edvard

    Form of Edward.

  • Edvárd

    Hungarian form of Edward.

  • Edvige

    Italian form of Hedwig.

  • Edvin

    Scandinavian, Finnish, Estonian and Hungarian form of Edwin.

  • Edward

    Means "rich guard", derived from the Old English elements ead "rich, blessed" and weard "guard".

  • Edweena

    Variant of Edwina.

  • Edwena

    Variant of Edwina.

  • Edwige

    French form of Hedwig.

  • Edwin

    Means "rich friend" from the Old English elements ead "rich, blessed" and wine "friend".

  • Edwina

    Feminine form of Edwin.

  • Edwyn

    Variant of Edwin.

  • Edwyna

    Variant of Edwina.

  • Edyta

    Polish form of Edith.

  • Edytha

    Elaborated form of Edythe.

  • Edythe

    Variant of Edith.

  • Eelis

    Finnish form of Elijah.

  • Eemeli

    Finnish form of Emil.

  • Eemil

    Finnish form of Emil.

  • Eerik

    Finnish form of Eric.

  • Eerika

    Finnish form of Erica.

  • Eerikki

    Finnish form of Eric.

  • Eero

    Finnish form of Eric.

  • Eetu

    Finnish form of Edward.

  • Eeva

    Finnish form of Eva.

  • Eevi

    Finnish form of Eva.

  • Efa

    Welsh form of Eva.

  • Effie

    Diminutive of Euphemia.

  • Efigenia

    Efigenia is a variant of Iphigenia.

  • Efigénia

    Portuguese form of Iphigeneia.

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Names between Edurne and Efigénia that Begin with E. Edurne, Edvard, Edvárd, Edvige, Edvin, Edward, Edweena, Edwena, Edwige, Edwin, Edwina, Edwyn, Edwyna, Edyta, Edytha, Edythe, Eelis, Eemeli, Eemil, Eerik, Eerika, Eerikki, Eero, Eetu, Eeva, Eevi, Efa, Effie, Efigenia, Efigénia, Names between Edurne and Efigénia that Begin with E

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