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  • Edith

    From the Old English name Eadgyð, derived from the elements ead "rich, blessed" and gyð "war".

  • Édith

    French form of Edith.

  • Ediz

    Means "high" in Turkish.

  • Edlyn

    Edlyn is a variant of Adeline, ultimately derived from Adela.

  • Edmao

    Limburgish form of Edmund.

  • Edmé

    Short form of Edmond.

  • Edmée

    Feminine form of Edmé.

  • Edmond

    French form of Edmund.

  • Edmonda

    Italian feminine form of Edmund.

  • Edmondo

    Italian form of Edmund.

  • Edmonia

    Edmonia is a variant of Edmonda.

  • Edmund

    Means "rich protector" from Old English ead "rich, blessed" and mund "protector".

  • Edmundo

    Spanish and Portuguese form of Edmund.

  • Edna

    Anglicized form of Eithne.

  • Ednah

    Hebrew form of Edna.

  • Edoardo

    Italian form of Edward.

  • Edom

    Means "red" in Hebrew.

  • Edorta

    Basque form of Edward.

  • Édouard

    French form of Edward.

  • Edric

    From Old English ead "rich, blessed" and ric "ruler".

  • Edrie

    Edrie originates in Old English language and means "wealthy monarch".

  • Edsel

    Variant of Etzel notably borne by Edsel Ford (1893-1943), the son of the American industrialist Henry Ford.

  • Edson

    Edson is derived from Eda, itself a diminutive of Edith.

  • Edu

    Portuguese short form of Eduardo.

  • Eduard

    Form of Edward.

  • Eduárd

    Hungarian form of Edward.

  • Eduarda

    Portuguese feminine form of Edward.

  • Eduardo

    Spanish and Portuguese form of Edward.

  • Eduards

    Latvian form of Edward.

  • Edur

    Means "snow" in Basque.

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Names between Edith and Edur that Begin with E. Edith, Édith, Ediz, Edlyn, Edmao, Edmé, Edmée, Edmond, Edmonda, Edmondo, Edmonia, Edmund, Edmundo, Edna, Ednah, Edoardo, Edom, Edorta, Édouard, Edric, Edrie, Edsel, Edson, Edu, Eduard, Eduárd, Eduarda, Eduardo, Eduards, Edur, Names between Edith and Edur that Begin with E

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