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  • Elida

    Elida most likely originates in Greek language and means "from Elide valley".

  • Elidi

    Meaning unknown, possibly of Greek or Welsh origin.

  • Élie

    French form of Elijah.

  • Eliezer

    From Hebrew ('Eli'ezer) meaning "my God is help".

  • Eli'ezer

    Hebrew form of Eliezer.

  • Elif

    Turkish form of Alif, the name of the first letter of the Arabic alphabet,.

  • Elifalet

    Hebrew form of Eliphalet.

  • Elifelet

    Hebrew form of Eliphelet.

  • Eligia

    Feminine form of Eligius.

  • Eligio

    Italian and Spanish form of Eligius.

  • Eligius

    Late Latin name derived from Latin eligere "to choose".

  • Eligiusz

    Polish form of Eligius.

  • Elihu

    Means "my God is he" in Hebrew.

  • Eliina

    Finnish form of Helen.

  • Eliisa

    Finnish short form of Elisabet.

  • Eliisabet

    Estonian form of Elizabeth.

  • Elijah

    From the Hebrew name ('Eliyyahu) meaning "my God is Yahweh ".

  • Elikapeka

    Hawaiian form of Elizabeth.

  • Elin

    Scandinavian and Welsh form of Helen.

  • Elina

    Finnish and Swedish form of Helen.

  • Elinor

    Variant of Eleanor.

  • Elio

    Italian form of Aelius or Helios.

  • Elioenai

    Means "my eyes look to God" in Hebrew.

  • Elior

    Means "my God is my light" in Hebrew.

  • Eliora

    Feminine form of Elior.

  • Eliot

    From a surname which was a variant of Elliott.

  • Eliott

    From a surname which was a variant of Elliott.

  • Eliou

    Form of Elijah used in the Greek Old Testament.

  • Eliphalet

    Variant of Eliphelet used in some versions of the Old Testament to refer to the son of David.

  • Eliphelet

    Means "God is release" in Hebrew.

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Names between Elida and Eliphelet that Begin with E. Elida, Elidi, Élie, Eliezer, Eli'ezer, Elif, Elifalet, Elifelet, Eligia, Eligio, Eligius, Eligiusz, Elihu, Eliina, Eliisa, Eliisabet, Elijah, Elikapeka, Elin, Elina, Elinor, Elio, Elioenai, Elior, Eliora, Eliot, Eliott, Eliou, Eliphalet, Eliphelet, Names between Elida and Eliphelet that Begin with E

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