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  • Emalee

    Variant of Emily.

  • Emanuel

    Form of Emmanuel.

  • Emánuel

    Hungarian form of Emmanuel.

  • Emanuela

    Italian and Croatian feminine form of Emmanuel.

  • Emanuele

    Italian form of Emmanuel.

  • Emberto

    Emberto is an Italian name of Germanic origins.

  • Embla

    Meaning uncertain, perhaps related to Old Norse almr "elm".

  • Emeka

    Means "great deeds" in Igbo.

  • Emel

    Means "desire" in Turkish, ultimately of Arabic origin, making this name a relative of Amal.

  • Emelia

    Variant of Amelia.

  • Emelie

    Swedish feminine form of Aemilius (see Emil).

  • Emelina

    Spanish form of Amelina (see Emmeline).

  • Emeline

    French form of Amelina (see Emmeline).

  • Emelrich

    Variant of Amalric.

  • Emely

    Variant of Emily.

  • Emem

    Emem originates in African languages and means "person of peace".

  • Emer

    Possibly from Gaelic eimh "swift".

  • Emerald

    From the word for the green precious stone, which is the birthstone of May.

  • Emerens

    Dutch form of Emerentius.

  • Emerentius

    Derived from Latin emereo meaning "to fully deserve".

  • Emeric

    Emeric is a French name of Germanic and origins.

  • Émeric

    French form of Emmerich.

  • Emerson

    From an English surname meaning "son of Emery ".

  • Emery

    Norman form of Emmerich.

  • Emese

    Possibly derived from Finno-Ugric eme meaning "mother".

  • Emi

    From Japanese (e) "blessing, favour" or (e) "picture" combined with (mi) "beautiful".

  • Emidio

    From the Late Latin name Emygdius, which was possibly a Latinized form of a Gaulish name (of unknown meaning).

  • Emigdia

    Spanish feminine form of Emygdius (see Emidio).

  • Emigdio

    Spanish form of Emygdius (see Emidio).

  • Emil

    From the Roman family name Aemilius, which was derived from Latin aemulus meaning "rival".

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Names between Emalee and Emil that Begin with E. Emalee, Emanuel, Emánuel, Emanuela, Emanuele, Emberto, Embla, Emeka, Emel, Emelia, Emelie, Emelina, Emeline, Emelrich, Emely, Emem, Emer, Emerald, Emerens, Emerentius, Emeric, Émeric, Emerson, Emery, Emese, Emi, Emidio, Emigdia, Emigdio, Emil, Names between Emalee and Emil that Begin with E

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