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  • Emmanuelle

    French feminine form of Emmanuel.

  • Emmanuhel

    Form of Immanuel used in the Latin Bible.

  • Emmeline

    From an Old French form of the Germanic name Amelina, originally a diminutive of Germanic names beginning with the element amal meaning "work".

  • Emmerich

    Germanic name, in which the second element is ric meaning "power".

  • Emmerson

    Variant of Emerson.

  • Emmet

    Variant of Emmett.

  • Emmett

    From an English surname which was derived from a diminutive of the feminine given name Emma.

  • Emmie

    Diminutive of Emma or Emily.

  • Emmy

    Diminutive of Emma or Emily.

  • Emory

    Variant of Emery.

  • Emperatriz

    Means "empress" in Spanish.

  • Emre

    Means "friend" in Turkish.

  • Emrys

    Welsh form of Ambrose.

  • Emygdius

    Latin form of Emidio.

  • Emyr

    Means "king" in Welsh.

  • Ena

    Anglicized form of Eithne.

  • Encarna

    Short form of Encarnación.

  • Encarnación

    Means "incarnation" in Spanish.

  • Encarnita

    Diminutive of Encarnación.

  • Enda

    Anglicized form of Énna.

  • Ender

    Means "very rare" in Turkish.

  • Endika

    Basque form of Henry.

  • Endre

    Hungarian form of Andrew.

  • Endymion

    Derived from Greek ενδυειν (endyein) meaning "to dive into, to enter".

  • Endzela

    Means "snowdrop flower" in Georgian (genus Galanthus).

  • Eneas

    Eneas is a Portuguese form of Aeneas.

  • Enéas

    Brazilian Portuguese form of Aeneas.

  • Enej

    Slovene form of Aeneas.

  • Eneko

    Possibly derived from Basque ene "my" and ko, a diminutive suffix.

  • Enes

    Turkish and Bosnian form of Anis.

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Names between Emmanuelle and Enes that Begin with E. Emmanuelle, Emmanuhel, Emmeline, Emmerich, Emmerson, Emmet, Emmett, Emmie, Emmy, Emory, Emperatriz, Emre, Emrys, Emygdius, Emyr, Ena, Encarna, Encarnación, Encarnita, Enda, Ender, Endika, Endre, Endymion, Endzela, Eneas, Enéas, Enej, Eneko, Enes, Names between Emmanuelle and Enes that Begin with E

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