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  • Carter

    From an English surname which meant "one who uses a cart".

  • Cartwright

    Cartwright is an early Medieval English name which comes from two words, "craet" which means "cart" and "wyrhta", which means "to work or to make".

  • Carver

    From an English surname which meant "wood carver".

  • Carville

    This is a locational surname of Old English origins and could possibly mean "house on a rock or house made of rock".

  • Carwyn

    Means "blessed love" from Welsh caru "love" and gwyn "white, fair, blessed".

  • Cary

    Variant of Carey.

  • Caryl

    Variant of Carol.

  • Caryn

    Variant of Karen.

  • Carys

    Derived from Welsh caru meaning "love".

  • Cas

    Short form of Casper.

  • Case

    Case is a Medieval English name, which has Anglo-Norman French origins.

  • Casey

    From an Irish surname, an Anglicized form of Ó Cathasaigh meaning "descendent of Cathasach ".

  • Cash

    From an English occupational surname for a box maker, derived from Norman French casse meaning "case".

  • Casimir

    English form of the Polish name Kazimierz, derived from the Slavic element kazic "to destroy" combined with mer "great" or mir "peace".

  • Casimiro

    Spanish, Portuguese and Italian form of Casimir.

  • Casmir

    Casmir is a variant of the English name Casimir, and is actually Polish in origin.

  • Caspar

    Latin variant of Jasper.

  • Casper

    Dutch and Scandinavian form of Jasper.

  • Caspian

    Used by author C.

  • Cass

    Short form of Cassandra, Cassidy, and other names beginning with Cass.

  • Cassander

    Latinized form of Greek Κασσανδρος (Kassandros) , the masculine form of Cassandra.

  • Cassandra

    From the Greek Κασσανδρα (Kassandra) , which possibly meant "shining upon man", derived from κεκασμαι (kekasmai) "to shine" and ανηρ (aner) "man" (genitive ανδρος).

  • Cassarah

    Recently created name intended to mean "what will be, will be".

  • Cassia

    Feminine form of Cassius.

  • Cassian

    From the Roman family name Cassianus, which was derived from Cassius.

  • Cassianus

    Roman family name which was a derivative of Cassius.

  • Cassidy

    From an Irish surname which was derived from Ó Caiside meaning "descendent of Caiside ".

  • Cassie

    Diminutive of Cassandra and other names beginning with Cass.

  • Cassiopea

    Variant of Cassiopeia.

  • Cassiopeia

    Latinized form of Greek Κασσιοπεια (Kassiopeia) or Κασσιεπεια (Kassiepeia) , possibly meaning "cassia juice".

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Names between Carter and Cassiopeia that Begin with C. Carter, Cartwright, Carver, Carville, Carwyn, Cary, Caryl, Caryn, Carys, Cas, Case, Casey, Cash, Casimir, Casimiro, Casmir, Caspar, Casper, Caspian, Cass, Cassander, Cassandra, Cassarah, Cassia, Cassian, Cassianus, Cassidy, Cassie, Cassiopea, Cassiopeia, Names between Carter and Cassiopeia that Begin with C

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