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  • Caris

    Variant of Charis.

  • Carissa

    Variant of Charissa.

  • Carita

    Derived from Latin caritas meaning "dearness, esteem, love".

  • Carl

    German form of Charles.

  • Carla

    Feminine form of Carlo, Carlos or Carl.

  • Carlene

    Feminine diminutive of Carl.

  • Carles

    Catalan form of Charles.

  • Carleton

    Variant of Charlton.

  • Carley

    Feminine form of Carl.

  • Carlie

    Feminine form of Carl.

  • Carlin

    Carlin is an Irish Gaelic name, whose meaning is "small champion".

  • Carlinhos

    Portuguese diminutive of Carlos.

  • Carlisa

    Combination of Carla and Lisa.

  • Carlisle

    From a surname which was derived from the name of a city in northern England.

  • Carlito

    Diminutive of Carlos.

  • Carlitos

    Diminutive of Carlos.

  • Carlman

    Germanic form of Carloman.

  • Carlo

    Italian form of Charles.

  • Carloman

    From a Germanic name derived from karl (see Charles) and man "man".

  • Carlos

    Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan form of Charles.

  • Carlota

    Spanish and Portuguese form of Charlotte.

  • Carlotta

    Italian form of Charlotte.

  • Carlson

    Carlson is a variant of the English name Carlsen or Carlton and means " son of Carl".

  • Carlton

    Variant of Charlton.

  • Carly

    Feminine form of Carl.

  • Carlyle

    Variant of Carlisle.

  • Carlyn

    Contracted variant of Caroline.

  • Carme

    Galician and Catalan form of Carmel.

  • Carmel

    From the title of the Virgin Mary Our Lady of Carmel.

  • Carmela

    Italian and Spanish form of Carmel.

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Names between Caris and Carmela that Begin with C. Caris, Carissa, Carita, Carl, Carla, Carlene, Carles, Carleton, Carley, Carlie, Carlin, Carlinhos, Carlisa, Carlisle, Carlito, Carlitos, Carlman, Carlo, Carloman, Carlos, Carlota, Carlotta, Carlson, Carlton, Carly, Carlyle, Carlyn, Carme, Carmel, Carmela, Names between Caris and Carmela that Begin with C

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