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  • Cassius

    Roman family name which was possibly derived from Latin cassus "empty, vain".

  • Castor

    From the Greek Καστωρ (Kastor) , possibly related to κεκασμαι (kekasmai) "to shine, to excel".

  • Caswell

    Caswell is a Medieval English locational surname.

  • Catahecassa

    Means "black hoof" in Shawnee.

  • Catalin

    Romanian masculine form of Katherine.

  • Catalina

    Romanian form of Katherine.

  • Catarina

    Italian, Portuguese, Occitan and Galician form of Katherine.

  • Cate

    Variant of Kate.

  • Cateline

    Medieval French form of Katherine.

  • Caterina

    Italian and Catalan form of Katherine.

  • Cathair

    Means "battle man" from Gaelic cath "battle" and vir "man".

  • Cathal

    Derived from the Gaelic elements cath "battle" and val "rule".

  • Cathán

    Derived from Gaelic cath "battle" combined with a diminutive suffix.

  • Cathaoir

    Variant of Cathair.

  • Catharina

    Dutch and Swedish form of Katherine.

  • Catharine

    Variant of Katherine.

  • Cathasach

    Means "vigilant" in Irish.

  • Catherin

    Variant of Katherine.

  • Catherina

    Variant of Katherine.

  • Catherine

    French form of Katherine, and also a common English variant.

  • Cathleen

    Variant of Kathleen.

  • Cathrin

    German short form of Katharina.

  • Cathrine

    Scandinavian form of Katherine.

  • Cathryn

    Variant of Katherine.

  • Cathy

    Diminutive of Catherine.

  • Catia

    Catia is a Portuguese diminutive of Katherine.

  • Cátia

    Diminutive of Catarina.

  • Catina

    Contracted form of CĂTĂLina.

  • Cato

    Roman cognomen meaning "wise" in Latin.

  • Catrin

    Welsh form of Katherine, as well as a German short form of Katharina.

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Names between Cassius and Catrin that Begin with C. Cassius, Castor, Caswell, Catahecassa, Catalin, Catalina, Catarina, Cate, Cateline, Caterina, Cathair, Cathal, Cathán, Cathaoir, Catharina, Catharine, Cathasach, Catherin, Catherina, Catherine, Cathleen, Cathrin, Cathrine, Cathryn, Cathy, Catia, Cátia, Catina, Cato, Catrin, Names between Cassius and Catrin that Begin with C

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