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  • Camila

    Spanish and Portuguese form of Camilla.

  • Camilla

    Feminine form of Camillus.

  • Camille

    French feminine and masculine form of Camilla.

  • Camillo

    Italian form of Camillus.

  • Camillus

    Roman cognomen, which is probably of Etruscan origin and unknown meaning.

  • Camilo

    Spanish and Portuguese form of Camillus.

  • Cammie

    Diminutive of Camilla.

  • Campbell

    From a Scottish surname meaning "crooked mouth" from Gaelic cam "crooked" and béul "mouth".

  • Camron

    Variant of Cameron.

  • Camryn

    Feminine variant of Cameron.

  • Can

    Means "soul" or "life" in Turkish.

  • Canaan

    Meaning unknown.

  • Canan

    Means "beloved" in Turkish.

  • Candace

    From the hereditary title of the queens of Ethiopia, as mentioned in Acts in the New Testament.

  • Cande

    Short form of Candelaria or Candelario.

  • Candela

    Short form of Candelaria.

  • Candelaria

    Means "Candlemas" in Spanish, ultimately derived from Spanish candela "candle".

  • Candelario

    Masculine form of Candelaria.

  • Candelas

    Diminutive of Candelaria.

  • Candi

    Variant of Candy.

  • Candice

    Variant of Candace.

  • Candida

    Late Latin name derived from candidus meaning "white".

  • Cándida

    Spanish form of Candida.

  • Candis

    Variant of Candace.

  • Candy

    Diminutive of Candace.

  • Candyce

    Variant of Candace.

  • Cannon

    Cannon is an early Medieval English name which means "clergyman".

  • Canute

    Anglicized form of Knut.

  • Canyon

    Canyon is an English name which means "canyon or ravine".

  • Caoileann

    Variant of Caoilfhionn.

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Names between Camila and Caoileann that Begin with C. Camila, Camilla, Camille, Camillo, Camillus, Camilo, Cammie, Campbell, Camron, Camryn, Can, Canaan, Canan, Candace, Cande, Candela, Candelaria, Candelario, Candelas, Candi, Candice, Candida, Cándida, Candis, Candy, Candyce, Cannon, Canute, Canyon, Caoileann, Names between Camila and Caoileann that Begin with C

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