Camilla name - Meaning of Camilla

Camilla name - Meaning of Camilla

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English, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Ancient Roman, Roman Mythology, Latin
kə-MIL-ə (English) , kah-MEEL-lah (Italian, Danish)
Camilla Meaning
Feminine form of Camillus. This was the name of a legendary warrior maiden of the Volsci, as told by Virgil in the 'Aeneid'. It was popularized in the English-speaking world by Fanny Burney's novel 'Camilla' (1796). Camilla most likely originates in Latin and means "priest"s attendant". It is a feminine form of Camillus. In Roman mythology, Camilla of the Volsci was the daughter of King Metabus. She was able to walk across the seas without ever getting her feet wet. More recently, Camilla is the name of the Duchess of Cornwall and the wife of Charles, Prince of Wales.

Camilla Related Names
Variants: Camille (English), Kamilla (Swedish), Kamilla (Norwegian), Kamilla (Danish), Camila, Cammilla, Kamila, Kamilka, Kamyla, Milla
Diminutives: Cammie, Millie, Milly (English), Milla (Swedish), Milla (Norwegian), Milla (Danish), Milla (Finnish)
Masculine Forms: Camillo (Italian), Camillus (Ancient Roman)
Other Languages: Kamila (Czech), Camille (French), Kamilla (Hungarian), Kamilė (Lithuanian), Kamila (Polish), Camila (Portuguese), Kamila (Slovak), Camila (Spanish)

Camilla Celebrities
Camilla Parker Bowles - wife of Prince Charles of England, Camilla Engman - artist, Camilla Belle - actress, Camilla Luddington - actress,

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Meaning of Camilla Name

Camilla name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Camilla.

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