How to Find your Lucky Element

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How to Find your Lucky Element

How to Find your Lucky Element

According to astrology, everything in the universe including human is having a relationship with the Four Elements. The Four Elements are Earth, Fire, Air and Water. Those four elements can be applied not only to physical things in the world but also to the Colors, Seasons, Directions, Years, Months, Hours.

This Lucky Elements uses the theory of balancing these elements in order to help you find your lucky places, times and best living environment. When our Four Elements are in balance, they will be in harmony.

The element of the year of our birth, our lunar sign, the time of our birth, month and country of birth will exercise big influence on our life.

Many people find themselves connecting with one specific element in nature, be it earth, air, fire, or water, though that does not mean that you have to be only one just means that there's usually one element that you connect with more than the others.

The first thing to find out is what astrological sun sign are you and which element is your astrological sun sign connected with?

Earth : Capricorn , Taurus , Virgo

Fire : Aries , Leo , Sagittarius

Air : Aquarius , Gemini , Libra

Water : Pisces , Cancer , Scorpio