Aquarius Zodiac Signs Profile

Aquarius Zodiac Profile

January 20 - February 18
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Aquarius Sign Personality


You are very independent and feel totally comfortable doing things by yourself.


You really know how to make your special person feel very special.


You are quite daring.


Serious relationships and commitment is not your thing, because you value your freedom and like to keep your options open.


You are moderately inconsistent.


You are not very emotional.


You give total freedom to your lover and almost never feel jealous.


You are quite daring.

Free-spirited, independent and intellectual are what Aquarius individuals are known for. They never like to attach themselves to anything for too long, and are really good in keeping distance, however they are still the people who you can rely on to help out of a difficult situation.

People under this zodiac most of the time possess very strong character and are not afraid of being different from others. They are usually very idealistic and will stand by their principles with all they've got. Their confidence let's them be very frank and often outspoken. Aquarians are intelligent and often have philosophical mindset. One of the bad characteristics of people under this zodiac is their bad temper. These individuals can also be extremely stubborn, and once they have made their mind it is really difficult to make them think otherwise. However they almost never lack honesty or fairness. Having many acquaintances is common to Aquarians, but rarely do they make close friends, as they prefer to keep distance and only have few real friends.

Aquarians are often attracted to work that involves helping others. With their strong ideals and bright minds they can make good leaders. Their logical and often cold and practical thinking gives them strength to make difficult decisions and accept responsibility without much trouble.

In short Aquarians can be characterized as independent, freedom-loving, cold yet humane and friendly people.

Aquarius Sex habits

Aquarians love talk, even in bed. They are also known to be extremely open-minded. This means that they will not mind trying it in many different ways with many different tools and many different people. These folks are really promiscuous, which is probably why there are so good. Do not be surprised if they made you try at least 20 different positions in a single night, coz their curiosity just doesn't let them stay still.

Often the first thing they will tell you after doing it is - “Now let's try it with our clothes off!”