Leo Zodiac Signs Profile

Leo Zodiac Profile

July 23 - August 22
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Leo Sign Personality


You are very independent and feel totally comfortable doing things by yourself.


You are quite romantic.


You are quite daring.


You are quite loyal.


You always try to achieve your goals and stick with the plan no matter what.


You are moderately emotional.


You are quite possessive.


You never listen to others' suggestions and stick to your own beliefs. You find it very difficult to change.

Leos do not want to be like everybody else, and take a lot of pride in being who they are. They love attention and strive for recognition and praise of others. Most Leos have a very strong character and are very independent; this allows them to be great leaders. A Lion is a very proud creature and never wants to be left in the background, he always wants to shine and be appreciated by others.

Generosity and warm heartedness are some of Leo's best features, which are pretty easy go get if the big cat it is shown some love and loyalty. When it comes to family, Leos are usually very responsible and protective. They will try to provide the best they can to their loved ones, however in return they will expect love and loyalty. On the negative side, Leos can sometime be bossy and over-proud, which will stop them from seeing things as they are and stubbornly insist on their own point of view. To tackle this situation, all you have to do is show your Leo friend some respect (and maybe love) and his/her warm heart will melt and start thinking rationally once again.

People under this zodiac are usually quite materialistic. They like to live big and spend a lot. However at the same time they can be quite hard working, but they must see the benefits of such hard work. Most Leos have big dreams, however those dreams are nothing unless there is someone who will appreciate it. Though on the outside Leo individual might look strong and self-confident, on the inside he/she very much depends on affirmation, love and recognition of others.

Many Leos like to perceive the world as if it revolves around them, however they often fail to recognize that it isn't so, and that sometimes they are not part of the picture.

Leo Sex habits

With their natural charm Leos are really good in the free fuck department. They don't even have to look that well. However, even when it gets to the bedroom level Leo will not let you down, because their fiery natures are just craving for some play and action. During the love making it is good to give the big cat a compliment, which will only stimulate them more. It is also a good idea to put a mirror or two, as it is a strong stimulus for Leos (and it is just fun in general, regardless of the zodiac sign).

Their typical after-sex phrase is - “Wasn't I fantastic?”