Libra Zodiac Signs Profile

Libra Zodiac Profile

September 23 - October 22
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Libra Sign Personality


You can be independent, but it's not your strongest suit.


You really know how to make your special person feel very special.


You are moderately daring.


You are quite loyal.


You are quite inconsistent.


You are not very emotional.


You are moderately possessive.


You are not very stubborn.

Libra, just as its symbol (scales) suggests, is all about balance and justice. Librans are very diplomatic and usually can get what they want without a fight. Their charming nature allows them to get along with people quite easily. Librans are also quite adventurous, they like travelling and partying. In fact by some Libra is considered as the most hard-partying sign of the zodiac. Whether it is true or not, they all have a good taste for fun.

Getting along with people is really one of Libra's talents. However this also means that very often Libra individuals place too much importance on what other think about them. Libra always tries to avoid conflict and live in harmony with others, but sometimes this leads to problems piling up and not being solved, until there are too many to take. For the most part these people are very easy-going, but there is one thing that they really dislike and it is when somebody is being unjust and is unwilling to compromise. One of Libra's biggest flaws is their indecisiveness.

Librans are very romantic at heart and always want to have someone by their side. Relationships to them are like an adventure, and they expect their partner to know how to make it fun and worthwhile. Librans usually have a good taste for expensive things, be it clothes, food, or places they go to.

Overall Librans are very fun loving, easy-going and charming people; they are definitely the ones you would want to join a party with. If there are any problems, they will be willing to help, and with their talents of diplomacy they can be very useful.

Libra Sex habits

Foreplay, dirty talk, some more foreplay, the action, the action with toys and that is what makes up good sex plan for a Libran. If on top of all that you could also add some luxury that would be the best. Libras are known for their exquisite, expensive tastes, so if one can satisfy it too, then the happy Libra is all theirs. However, remember to be careful not to let the smart Scales person use you, since their charms can work wonders when they want something.

Libra's diplomacy shows even after they had sex, when they'll say something like - “I liked it if you liked it.”