Capricorn Zodiac Signs Profile

Capricorn Zodiac Profile

December 22 - January 19
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Capricorn Sign Personality


You are quite independent.


You can be romantic, but it's not your strongest suit.


You rarely take any risks.


You are very faithful to your special one and not afraid of commitment.


You always try to achieve your goals and stick with the plan no matter what.


You are very rational and rarely let emotions interfere with your decisions.


You are quite possessive.


You are quite stubborn.

So ambitious and hard working, Capricorns are real materialists, who want to prove themselves and accomplish big goals in their lives. It is not the most social sign of the zodiac, yet these people do know how to be in society and how to put others on their side.

One of the greatest traits of a Goat is his/her consistency. Whatever they start doing, they will almost always make sure to finish it. This makes Capricorn individuals very reliable and responsible. Capricorns are also famous for practicality which usually allows them to come up with creative ways of doing same things in a different, but better way. Capricorns tend to be quite serious about whatever they decide to do, and they tend to focus a lot of attention on that one subject. These people are usually independent and have a strong character. However with all these good qualities, Capricorns still have a downside to their character. Their biggest flaw is inability to relax and let go off small things, since most of the time they are quite serious. Their excessive love for stability and consistency makes them scared of taking even small risks, and that is why they usually tend to be quite conservative and only walk the path that they know well, without diverging from it. Stubbornness is another bad point for this sign.

Career-wise Capricorns are probably some of the most ambitious people. They always want to climb higher and achieve new goals. Their persistence really helps them in this endeavor. Capricorns often make good managers as they are natural organizers.

Apart from all the ambition and materialism, these guys are very faithful and the cold on the outside is just a cover of formality for the warm inside. Although if only we dared to suggest them one thing, it would be to learn how to take that cover of seriousness off sometimes.

Capricorn Sex habits

They may be cool and business-like on the outside, but once the business moves into the bedroom, they are said to be different. One thing is for certain - these people do not like to do one-night stands. To them sex is an expression of love and only the special one will get it. Serious Sea Goat people will rarely like the idea of sex toys or doing it in a club, because even in this aspect they are very traditional and conservative. Try to avoid the dirty talk too (keep it for next time with a Gemini). When getting down to business, Cappies, like to do it with class and taste, so a bottle of champagne is probably not a bad idea. Rumors have it that Capricorns, once given the right conditions, are some of the best lovers.

Capricorn's typical after-sex phrase is - “Do you have a business card?”