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  • Tecla

    Italian and Spanish form of Thekla.

  • Tecumseh

    Means "panther passing across" in Shawnee.

  • Ted

    Short form of Edward or Theodore.

  • Teddy

    Diminutive of Edward or Theodore.

  • Tedore

    Georgian form of Theodore.

  • Teemu

    Finnish form of Nicodemus.

  • Ștefan

    Romanian form of Stephen.

  • Ștefania

    Romanian feminine form of Stephen.

  • Tegan

    Derived from Welsh teg "fair".

  • Tegwen

    Derived from the Welsh elements teg "fair" and gwen "blessed".

  • Tehila

    Means "praise" in Hebrew.

  • Teige

    Anglicized form of Tadhg.

  • Teigue

    Anglicized form of Tadhg.

  • Teija

    Finnish short form of Dorotea.

  • Teimuraz

    Georgian form of Tahmuras.

  • Teimurazi

    Variant of Teimuraz.

  • Teivel

    Means "devil" in Yiddish.

  • Teja

    Short form of Doroteja.

  • Tekla

    Scandinavian, Russian and Polish form of Thekla.

  • Tekoa

    Means "stockade" in Hebrew.

  • Tel

    Short form of Terence or Terry.

  • Télesphore

    French form of the Greek name Τελεσφορος (Telesphoros) which means "bringing fulfillment" or "bearing fruit".

  • Telesphoros

    Greek form of Télesphore.

  • Telesphorus

    Latinized form of the Greek name Telesphoros (see Télesphore).

  • Telford

    Telford is an English locational name for people who come from Telford in Berkshire, Warwickshire and Somerset.

  • Tellervo

    Meaning unknown.

  • Telma

    Feminine form of Telmo.

  • Telmo

    Derived from a misdivision of Spanish Santelmo meaning " saint Elmo ".

  • Teman

    Means "right hand" or "south" in Hebrew.

  • Temel

    Means "fundamental, basic" in Turkish.

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Names between Tecla and Temel that Begin with T. Tecla, Tecumseh, Ted, Teddy, Tedore, Teemu, Ștefan, Ștefania, Tegan, Tegwen, Tehila, Teige, Teigue, Teija, Teimuraz, Teimurazi, Teivel, Teja, Tekla, Tekoa, Tel, Télesphore, Telesphoros, Telesphorus, Telford, Tellervo, Telma, Telmo, Teman, Temel, Names between Tecla and Temel that Begin with T

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