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  • Tajeddigt

    Means "flower" in Tamazight.

  • Tajuana

    Combination of the prefix Ta with the name Juana.

  • Takahiro

    From Japanese (taka) "valuable, noble" or (taka) "filial piety" combined with (hiro) "large, great" or (hiro) "prosperous".

  • Takako

    From Japanese (taka) "filial piety" and (ko) "child".

  • Takara

    Means "treasure" in Japanese.

  • Takashi

    From Japanese "filial piety", "noble, prosperous" or "reverence".

  • Takehiko

    From Japanese (take) "military" or (take) "bamboo" combined with (hiko) "boy, prince".

  • Takeshi

    Means "military, warrior" in Japanese.

  • Takhma Urupi

    Avestan form of Tahmuras.

  • Takhmaspa

    Avestan form of Tahmasp.

  • Takis

    Short form of Panagiotakis.

  • Takisha

    Takisha probably originates in Arabic and means "healthy and alive".

  • Takoda

    Takoda is a Native American name, a Siouan word which means "friend to everyone".

  • Takouhi

    Variant transcription of Taguhi.

  • Takuma

    From Japanese (taku) "expand, open, pioneer" and (ma) "real, true".

  • Takumi

    From Japanese "artisan" or "skilled".

  • Tal

    Derived from Hebrew (tal) meaning "dew".

  • Talaat

    Variant transcription of Tal'at.

  • Talal

    Talal is an Arabic name that means "scholar".

  • Tal'at

    Possiby means "face, sight" in Arabic.

  • Talât

    Turkish form of Tal'at.

  • Talbot

    From a surname which was perhaps derived from a Germanic given name composed of the elements tal "to destroy" and bod "message".

  • Talfryn

    From a Welsh place name meaning "high hill", derived from Welsh tal "high" and bryn "hill".

  • Talgat

    Kazakh form of Tal'at.

  • Tali

    Diminutive of Tal.

  • Talia

    Variant transcription of Talya.

  • Talib

    Means "seeker of knowledge, student" in Arabic.

  • Taliba

    Feminine form of Talib.

  • Taliesin

    Means "shining brow", derived from Welsh tal "brow" and iesin "shining".

  • Talin

    From the name of an Armenian town (meaning unknown) which is home to a famous 7th-century cathedral.

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Names between Tajeddigt and Talin that Begin with T. Tajeddigt, Tajuana, Takahiro, Takako, Takara, Takashi, Takehiko, Takeshi, Takhma Urupi, Takhmaspa, Takis, Takisha, Takoda, Takouhi, Takuma, Takumi, Tal, Talaat, Talal, Tal'at, Talât, Talbot, Talfryn, Talgat, Tali, Talia, Talib, Taliba, Taliesin, Talin, Names between Tajeddigt and Talin that Begin with T

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