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  • Tauno

    Means "peaceful, modest" in Karelian Finnish.

  • Tavares

    Tavares originates in Portuguese language and means "son of the hermit".

  • Tavas

    Tavas is a Lithuanian name and means "peacock".

  • Tavi

    Tavi is a Hebrew name which means "good".

  • Tavis

    Tavis is most likely derived from Thomas.

  • Tavish

    Anglicized form of Thàmhais, vocative case of Tàmhas.

  • Tavon

    Tavon is a newly invented name without any particular meaning.

  • Tawfiq

    Means "good fortune", derived from Arabic (wafiqa) "to be successful".

  • Tawnee

    Variant of Tawny.

  • Tawnie

    Variant of Tawny.

  • Tawny

    From the English word, ultimately deriving from Old French tané, which means "light brown".

  • Taya

    Taya is possibly a variant of Taylor.

  • Tayeb

    Variant transcription of Tayyib.

  • Tayla

    Probably a feminine form of Taylor influenced by similar-sounding names such as Kayla.

  • Taylan

    Means "tall" in Turkish.

  • Tayler

    Variant of Taylor.

  • Taylor

    From an English surname which originally denoted someone who was a tailor, from Norman French tailleur, ultimately from Latin taliare "to cut".

  • Taymuraz

    Ossetian form of Tahmuras.

  • Tayshaun

    Tayshaun is a modern combination of the prefix Tay- and the name Shaun, ultimately derived from John.

  • Tayyib

    Means "pleasant, good-natured" in Arabic.

  • Tayyip

    Turkish form of Tayyib.

  • Tea

    Short form of Dorothea or Theodora.

  • Teagan

    From an Irish surname, an Anglicized form of Ó Tadhgáin meaning "descendent of Tadhgán".

  • Teague

    Anglicized form of Tadhg.

  • Teal

    From the English word for the type of duck or the greenish-blue colour.

  • Teale

    Variant of Teal.

  • Teàrlach

    Scottish form of Toirdhealbhach.

  • Teàrlag

    Feminine form of Teàrlach.

  • Teasag

    Scottish diminutive of Jean.

  • Teca

    Diminutive of Terézia.

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Names between Tauno and Teca that Begin with T. Tauno, Tavares, Tavas, Tavi, Tavis, Tavish, Tavon, Tawfiq, Tawnee, Tawnie, Tawny, Taya, Tayeb, Tayla, Taylan, Tayler, Taylor, Taymuraz, Tayshaun, Tayyib, Tayyip, Tea, Teagan, Teague, Teal, Teale, Teàrlach, Teàrlag, Teasag, Teca, Names between Tauno and Teca that Begin with T

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