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  • Taavetti

    Finnish form of David.

  • Taavi

    Finnish form of David.

  • Tabassum

    Means "smiling" in Arabic.

  • Tabatha

    Variant of Tabitha.

  • Tabby

    Diminutive of Tabitha.

  • Tabea

    German short form of Tabitha.

  • Tabita

    Latin form of Tabitha.

  • Tabitha

    Means "gazelle" in Aramaic.

  • Tabor

    Tabor is an Medieval English name and comes from the Old French word "tabournier", which means "tambourine player" and could be the name that was given to a military drummer.

  • Tacey

    Derived from Latin tace meaning "be silent".

  • Tacita

    Feminine form of Tacitus.

  • Tacito

    Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Tacitus.

  • Tacitus

    Roman cognomen which meant "silent, mute" in Latin.

  • Tad

    Short form of Thaddeus.

  • Tadaaki

    Tadaaki is a Japanese name and means "faithful light".

  • Tadas

    Lithuanian form of Thaddeus.

  • Tadashi

    Tadashi is a Japanese name and means "correct".

  • Taddeo

    Italian form of Thaddeus.

  • Tadeas

    Tadeas is a Czech variant of Thaddeus.

  • Tadeáš

    Czech and Slovak form of Thaddeus.

  • Tadej

    Slovene form of Thaddeus.

  • Tadeo

    Spanish form of Thaddeus.

  • Tadeu

    Portuguese form of Thaddeus.

  • Tadeusz

    Polish form of Thaddeus.

  • Tadg

    Old Irish form of Tadhg.

  • Tadhg

    Means "poet" in Irish.

  • Tadhgán

    Diminutive of Tadhg.

  • Tadija

    Croatian form of Thaddeus.

  • Tadita

    Tadita originates in Native American languages and means "the running one".

  • Taegan

    Variant of Teagan.

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Names that Begin with T. Taavetti, Taavi, Tabassum, Tabatha, Tabby, Tabea, Tabita, Tabitha, Tabor, Tacey, Tacita, Tacito, Tacitus, Tad, Tadaaki, Tadas, Tadashi, Taddeo, Tadeas, Tadeáš, Tadej, Tadeo, Tadeu, Tadeusz, Tadg, Tadhg, Tadhgán, Tadija, Tadita, Taegan, Names that Begin with T

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