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  • Kaan

    Variant of KaĞAn.

  • Kaapo

    Finnish form of Gabriel.

  • Kaapro

    Finnish form of Gabriel.

  • Kaarina

    Finnish form of Katherine.

  • Kaarle

    Finnish form of Charles.

  • Kaarlo

    Finnish form of Charles.

  • Kacey

    Variant of Casey.

  • Kachina

    Kachina originates in Native American languages and means "dancing spirit".

  • Kacie

    Variant of Casey.

  • Kacper

    Polish form of Jasper.

  • Kade

    Variant of Cade.

  • Kaden

    Variant of Caden.

  • Kader

    Variant transcription of Qadir.

  • Kadir

    Means "strong" in Turkish.

  • Kadri

    Estonian form of Katherine.

  • Kadriye

    Feminine form of Kadri.

  • Kae

    Variant of Kay.

  • Kaede

    Means "maple" in Japanese.

  • Kaeden

    Variant of Caden.

  • Kael

    The name Kael is a variant of the name Cael.

  • Kaelan

    Kaelan is a variant of Caelan.

  • Kaelea

    Variant of Kaylee.

  • Kaelee

    Variant of Kaylee.

  • Kaety

    Diminutive of Kate.

  • Kagan

    From a Turkish title meaning "king, ruler", ultimately of Mongolian origin.

  • Kagiso

    Means "peace" in Tswana.

  • Kahale

    Kahale is a Hawaiian name that means "a house".

  • Kahawai

    Kahawai is a Hawaiian name that means "a river".

  • Kahiau

    Kahiau is a Hawaiian name that means "selfless generosity".

  • Kahikilani

    Kahikilani is a Hawaiian name that means "the arrival of the chief".

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Names that Begin with K. Kaan, Kaapo, Kaapro, Kaarina, Kaarle, Kaarlo, Kacey, Kachina, Kacie, Kacper, Kade, Kaden, Kader, Kadir, Kadri, Kadriye, Kae, Kaede, Kaeden, Kael, Kaelan, Kaelea, Kaelee, Kaety, Kagan, Kagiso, Kahale, Kahawai, Kahiau, Kahikilani, Names that Begin with K

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