Kacper name - Meaning of Kacper

Kacper name - Meaning of Kacper

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Polish, Persian, Polish
Kacper Meaning
Polish form of Jasper. Kacper is a Polish variant of Jasper. Jasper originates in Persian language and means "king of the treasure". In the Bible, he was one of the Three Kings who brought gifts to newly born Jesus.

Kacper Related Names
Variant: Kasper
Other Languages: Casper, Jesper, Kasper (Danish), Casper, Jasper, Kasper, Cas (Dutch), Jasper (English), Gaspard (French), Kaspar (German), Gáspár, Gazsi (Hungarian), Gaspare, Gasparo (Italian), Gaspar, Caspar, Jasper (Judeo-Christian Legend), Kaspars (Latvian), Kasparas (Lithuanian), Casper, Kasper (Norwegian), Gaspar (Portuguese), Gašper (Slovene), Gaspar (Spanish), Casper, Kasper (Swedish)

Kacper Celebrities
Kacper Kozlowski - athlete, Kacper Przybylko - footballer,

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Meaning of Kacper Name

Kacper name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Kacper.

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