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  • Kaleva

    From the name of the mythological ancestor of the Finns, which is of unknown meaning.

  • Kalevi

    Variant of Kaleva.

  • Kaley

    Variant of Kaylee.

  • Kali

    Means "the black one" in Sanskrit.

  • Kalidas

    Modern transcription of Kalidasa.

  • Kalidasa

    Means "servant of Kali" from the name of the Hindu goddess Kali combined with Sanskrit (dasa) "servant".

  • Kalie

    Variant of Kaylee.

  • Kaliko

    Kaliko originates in Hawaiian language and means "beautiful bud".

  • Kalil

    Kalil originates in Arabic language and means "close friend".

  • Kalim

    Kalim is an Arabic name that means "lecturer".

  • Kalina

    Means "rowan tree" in Bulgarian and Macedonian.

  • Kalino

    Kalino is a Hawaiian name and means "brilliant one".

  • Kalisha

    Combination of the popular name prefix Ka and Lisha.

  • Kalju

    Means "rock, boulder" in Estonian.

  • Kalla

    Variant of Calla.

  • Kalle

    Swedish and Finnish diminutive of Karl.

  • Kallen

    Kallen is a variant of Callan.

  • Kallias

    Derived from Greek καλλος (kallos) meaning "beauty".

  • Kallie

    Variant of Callie.

  • Kallikrates

    Means "beautiful power", derived from the Greek elements καλλος (kallos) "beauty" and κρατος (kratos) "power".

  • Kalliope

    Means "beautiful voice" from Greek καλλος (kallos) "beauty" and οψ (ops) "voice".

  • Kallisto

    Derived from Greek καλλιστος (kallistos) meaning "most beautiful".

  • Kallistos

    Greek form of Callistus.

  • Kallistrate

    Means "beautiful army" from the Greek elements καλλος (kallos) "beauty" and στρατος (stratos) "army".

  • Kálmán

    Probably of Turkic origin, meaning "remainder".

  • Kaloyan

    From Greek καλος Ιωαννης (kalos Ioannes) meaning "handsome John ", the nickname of a 13th-century emperor of Bulgaria.

  • Kalpana

    Means "imagining, fantasy" in Sanskrit.

  • Kalua

    Kalua originates in Hawaiian language and means "the second child".

  • Kalum

    Kalum is a variant of the name Calum.

  • Kalyan

    Modern transcription of Kalyana.

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Names between Kaleva and Kalyan that Begin with K. Kaleva, Kalevi, Kaley, Kali, Kalidas, Kalidasa, Kalie, Kaliko, Kalil, Kalim, Kalina, Kalino, Kalisha, Kalju, Kalla, Kalle, Kallen, Kallias, Kallie, Kallikrates, Kalliope, Kallisto, Kallistos, Kallistrate, Kálmán, Kaloyan, Kalpana, Kalua, Kalum, Kalyan, Names between Kaleva and Kalyan that Begin with K

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