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  • Karna

    Derived from Sanskrit (karna) meaning "ear".

  • Karol

    Polish, Slovak and Slovene form of Karl.

  • Karola

    Hungarian and German feminine form of Carolus.

  • Karoliina

    Finnish feminine form of Carolus.

  • Karolina

    Feminine form of Carolus.

  • Karolína

    Czech feminine form of Carolus.

  • Karoline

    Feminine form of Carolus.

  • Karolis

    Lithuanian form of Carolus.

  • Karoly

    Karoly is a Hungarian variant of Charles.

  • Károly

    Hungarian form of Karl.

  • Karolyn

    Variant of Caroline.

  • Karp

    Russian form of Karpos (see Carpus).

  • Karpos

    Original Greek form of Carpus.

  • Karrie

    Variant of Carrie.

  • Karsen

    Karsen is a variant of Carson.

  • Karsten

    Low German form of Christian.

  • Karyn

    Variant of Karen.

  • Karyna

    Variant of Carina.

  • Kasandra

    English variant and Polish form of Cassandra.

  • Kasey

    Variant of Casey.

  • Kashi

    From the name of a holy city in India, famous for its many temples dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.

  • Kasi

    Variant transcription of Kashi.

  • Kasia

    Diminutive of Katarzyna.

  • Kasih

    Means "love" in Indonesian.

  • Kasim

    Turkish form of Qasim.

  • Kasimir

    German form of Casimir.

  • Kasimira

    Feminine form of Kasimir.

  • Kaspar

    German form of Jasper.

  • Kasparas

    Lithuanian form of Jasper.

  • Kaspars

    Latvian form of Jasper.

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Names between Karna and Kaspars that Begin with K. Karna, Karol, Karola, Karoliina, Karolina, Karolína, Karoline, Karolis, Karoly, Károly, Karolyn, Karp, Karpos, Karrie, Karsen, Karsten, Karyn, Karyna, Kasandra, Kasey, Kashi, Kasi, Kasia, Kasih, Kasim, Kasimir, Kasimira, Kaspar, Kasparas, Kaspars, Names between Karna and Kaspars that Begin with K

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