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  • Channah

    Hebrew form of Hannah.

  • Channary

    Means "moon-faced girl" in Khmer.

  • Channing

    From an English surname of uncertain origin.

  • Chanokh

    Hebrew form of Enoch.

  • Chantal

    From a French surname which was derived from a place name meaning "stony".

  • Chante

    Chante originates in French language and means "being sung".

  • Chanté

    Means "sung" in French.

  • Chantel

    Variant of Chantal.

  • Chantelle

    Variant of Chantal.

  • Chantrea

    Means "moonlight" in Khmer.

  • Chao

    Means "surpass" in Chinese.

  • Chaos

    Chaos is a name with Old Greek origins, whose meaning is "space".

  • Chaow

    Chaow originates in Thai languages and it means "quick mind".

  • Chapelle

    Chapelle is an Early Medieval English name, whose meaning is "someone who lives close to a church".

  • Chaplin

    Chaplin is an English name with Old French and ultimately Latin origins.

  • Chapman

    Chapman comes from the Old English word "ceapmann".

  • Chara

    Means "happiness, joy" in Greek.

  • Charalampos

    Means "to shine from happiness" from Greek χαρα (chara) "happiness" combined with λαμπω (lampo) "to shine".

  • Chariovalda

    Old Germanic form of Harold.

  • Charis

    Derived from Greek χαρις (charis) meaning "grace, kindness".

  • Charisma

    From the English word meaning "personal magnetism", ultimately derived from Greek χαρις (charis) "grace, kindness".

  • Charissa

    Elaborated form of Charis.

  • Charisse

    From a French surname of unknown meaning.

  • Charita

    Latinate form of Charity.

  • Chariton

    Derived from Greek χαρις (charis) meaning "grace, kindness".

  • Charity

    From the English word charity, ultimately derived from Late Latin caritas meaning "generous love", from Latin carus "dear, beloved".

  • Charla

    Feminine form of Charles.

  • Charleen

    Variant of Charlene.

  • Charlemagne

    From Old French Charles le Magne meaning " Charles the Great".

  • Charlene

    Feminine diminutive of Charles.

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Names between Channah and Charlene that Begin with C. Channah, Channary, Channing, Chanokh, Chantal, Chante, Chanté, Chantel, Chantelle, Chantrea, Chao, Chaos, Chaow, Chapelle, Chaplin, Chapman, Chara, Charalampos, Chariovalda, Charis, Charisma, Charissa, Charisse, Charita, Chariton, Charity, Charla, Charleen, Charlemagne, Charlene, Names between Channah and Charlene that Begin with C

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