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  • Ceylon

    Ceylon is the name the English gave to Sri Lanka, a country in South East Asia.

  • Cezar

    Romanian form of Caesar, as well as a Brazilian Portuguese variant of César.

  • Cézar

    Brazilian Portuguese variant of César.

  • Cezary

    Polish form of Caesar.

  • Chad

    From the Old English name Ceadda which is of unknown meaning, possibly based on Welsh cad "battle".

  • Chadrick

    Chadrick is an Old English name, which is derived from the Old English word "ceadd or ceadda", which means "war or warrior".

  • Chadwick

    From a surname which was derived from a place name meaning "dairy farm belonging to Chad " in Old English.

  • Chaggit

    Biblical Hebrew form of Haggith.

  • Chaim

    Variant transcription of Chayyim.

  • Chakrii

    Chakrii originates in Thai language and it means "king".

  • Chalchiuhticue

    Means "jade skirt" in Nahuatl.

  • Chaleb

    Form of Caleb used in the Greek and Latin Old Testament.

  • Chalice

    Means simply "chalice, goblet" from the English word, derived from Latin calix.

  • Chambers

    The origin of the name Chambers can be traced back to Old French and is fundamentally Latin.

  • Chanah

    Variant of Channah.

  • Chananyah

    Hebrew form of Hananiah.

  • Chance

    Originally a diminutive of Chauncey.

  • Chancey

    Chancey is another form of the name Chance.

  • Chanchai

    Chanchai originates in Thai language and it means "skilled winner".

  • Chanda

    Means "fierce, hot, passionate" in Sanskrit.

  • Chandan

    Derived from Sanskrit (chandana) meaning "sandalwood".

  • Chandana

    Feminine form of Chandan.

  • Chander

    Variant of Chandra.

  • Chandler

    From an occupational surname which meant "candle seller" in Middle English, ultimately from Old French.

  • Chandra

    Means "moon" in Sanskrit, derived from (chand) "to shine".

  • Chandrakant

    Means "beloved by the moon", derived from Sanskrit (chandra) "moon" and (kanta) "beloved".

  • Chandrakanta

    Feminine form of Chandrakant.

  • Chanel

    From a French surname which meant "pipe".

  • Chanelle

    Variant of Chanel.

  • Chang

    From Chinese "flourishing, prosperous" (which is usually only masculine), "smooth, fluent" or "long".

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Names between Ceylon and Chang that Begin with C. Ceylon, Cezar, Cézar, Cezary, Chad, Chadrick, Chadwick, Chaggit, Chaim, Chakrii, Chalchiuhticue, Chaleb, Chalice, Chambers, Chanah, Chananyah, Chance, Chancey, Chanchai, Chanda, Chandan, Chandana, Chander, Chandler, Chandra, Chandrakant, Chandrakanta, Chanel, Chanelle, Chang, Names between Ceylon and Chang that Begin with C

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