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  • Whitney

    From a surname which was originally derived from a place name meaning "white island" in Old English.

  • Whitt

    Whitt is an English name, derived from the Anglo Saxon word "hwit", which means "white".

  • Whittaker

    Whittaker is an Anglo-Saxon locational name for people who come from Whitacre in Warwickshire or Whitekar in Lancashire.

  • Wibawa

    Means "authority, power" in Indonesian.

  • Wibke

    Feminine form of Wiebe.

  • Wibo

    Diminutive of Wiebe.

  • Wickaninnish

    Possibly means "having no one in front of him in the canoe" in the Nuu-chah-nulth (or Nootka) language.

  • Widad

    Means "love" in Arabic.

  • Widald

    Germanic name composed of the elements witu "wood" and wald "power, rule".

  • Wide

    Frisian form of Wido.

  • Wido

    Originally a short form of names beginning with the Germanic element widu "wood" or wid "wide".

  • Wiebe

    Medieval short form of Germanic names containing the element wig meaning "war".

  • Wiebke

    Feminine form of Wiebe.

  • Wieceslaw

    Older Polish form of Václav.

  • Wieland

    Derived from the Germanic elements wela possibly meaning "skill" and land meaning "land".

  • Wielislaw

    From an old Slavic name which meant "great glory".

  • Wies

    Wies is a Germanic name and means "renowned warrior".

  • Wieshawn

    Wieshawn is a newly invented name and does not have any particular meaning.

  • Wieslaw

    Short form of WielislAw.

  • Wieslawa

    Feminine form of WielislAw.

  • Wigberht

    Old English form of Wybert, as well as the Germanic cognate.

  • Wigbrand

    Derived from the Germanic elements wig "war" and brand "sword".

  • Wigburg

    Derived from the Germanic elements wig "war" and burg "fortress".

  • Wigheard

    Old English form of Wyot.

  • Wigmar

    Old Germanic form (possibly) of Guiomar.

  • Wigmund

    Old English form of Wymond.

  • Wigstan

    Old English form of Wystan.

  • Wikolia

    Hawaiian form of Victoria.

  • Wiktor

    Polish form of Victor.

  • Wiktoria

    Polish form of Victoria.

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Names between Whitney and Wiktoria that Begin with W. Whitney, Whitt, Whittaker, Wibawa, Wibke, Wibo, Wickaninnish, Widad, Widald, Wide, Wido, Wiebe, Wiebke, Wieceslaw, Wieland, Wielislaw, Wies, Wieshawn, Wieslaw, Wieslawa, Wigberht, Wigbrand, Wigburg, Wigheard, Wigmar, Wigmund, Wigstan, Wikolia, Wiktor, Wiktoria, Names between Whitney and Wiktoria that Begin with W

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