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  • Waclaw

    Polish form of Wenceslas.

  • Waclawa

    Feminine form of WaclAw.

  • Wade

    From an English surname, either Wade or Wade .

  • Wadsworth

    Wadsworth is an English locational name, is a variant of the name "Wordsworth", which means Wadda"s farm.

  • Wadud

    Means "lover, affectionate" in Arabic.

  • Wafai

    Means "loyalty" in Arabic.

  • Wafi

    Means "trustworthy, reliable" in Arabic.

  • Wafiya

    Feminine form of Wafi.

  • Wagner

    Wagner is a Germanic name that means "wagon maker".

  • Waheed

    Variant transcription of Wahid.

  • Waheeda

    Variant transcription of Wahida.

  • Wahid

    Means "peerless, unique" in Arabic.

  • Wahida

    Feminine form of Wahid.

  • Wahyu

    Means "revelation" in Indonesian.

  • Wainwright

    Wainwright is an occupational English name for a "wagon maker".

  • Waiola

    Waiola is a Hawaiian form of Viola.

  • Wakana

    From Japanese (wa) "harmony" and (kana) "play music, complete".

  • Walahfrid

    Derived from the Germanic elements walah "stranger" and frid "peace".

  • Walburga

    Means "rule of the fortress" from the Germanic elements wald "rule" and burg "fortress".

  • Walcott

    Walcott is an English name, a form of the name Wolcott.

  • Waldeburg

    Old Germanic form of Walburga.

  • Waldedrudis

    Old Germanic form of Waltraud.

  • Waldek

    Polish diminutive of Waldemar.

  • Waldemar

    Germanic derivative of the Slavic name Vladimir (or perhaps a cognate composed of the Germanic elements wald "rule" and meri "famous").

  • Walden

    Walden is an English name and means "child of the forest valley".

  • Waldhar

    Old Germanic form of Walter.

  • Waldo

    Originally a short form of Germanic names containing the element wald meaning "rule".

  • Waldobert

    Old Germanic form of Gaubert.

  • Waldomar

    Old Germanic form of Waldemar.

  • Waldus

    Polish diminutive of Waldemar.

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Names that Begin with W. Waclaw, Waclawa, Wade, Wadsworth, Wadud, Wafai, Wafi, Wafiya, Wagner, Waheed, Waheeda, Wahid, Wahida, Wahyu, Wainwright, Waiola, Wakana, Walahfrid, Walburga, Walcott, Waldeburg, Waldedrudis, Waldek, Waldemar, Walden, Waldhar, Waldo, Waldobert, Waldomar, Waldus, Names that Begin with W

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