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  • Walenty

    Polish form of Valentinus (see Valentine).

  • Walentyna

    Polish form of Valentina.

  • Waleria

    Polish form of Valeria.

  • Walerian

    Polish form of Valerianus (see Valerian).

  • Walery

    Polish form of Valerius.

  • Walganus

    Latin form of Gawain.

  • Walherich

    Old Germanic form of Valéry.

  • Walid

    Means "newborn", derived from Arabic (walada) "to give birth".

  • Walker

    From an English surname which referred to the medieval occupational of a walker, also known as a fuller.

  • Wallace

    From a Scottish and English surname which originally meant "Welsh" or "foreigner" in Norman French.

  • Waller

    Waller is an English name with Germanic roots and means "foreigner".

  • Wallis

    From a surname which was a variant of Wallace.

  • Wally

    Diminutive of Walter or Wallace.

  • Walmond

    Walmond is a Germanic name and it means "protector in battle".

  • Walsh

    Walsh is ultimately derived from Wallace.

  • Walt

    Short form of Walter.

  • Walter

    From a Germanic name meaning "ruler of the army", composed of the elements wald "rule" and hari "army".

  • Walther

    German form of Walter.

  • Walton

    From a surname which was originally taken from various Old English place names meaning "stream town", "wood town", or "wall town".

  • Waltraud

    Means either "strong rule" or "strong foreigner" from the Germanic element wald "rule" or walha "foreign" combined with thrud "strength".

  • Wanda

    Possibly from a Germanic name meaning "a Wend", referring to the Slavic people who inhabited eastern Germany.

  • Wandal

    Old Germanic form of Wendel.

  • Wandalin

    Old Germanic form of Wendelin.

  • Wang

    Wang is a Chinese name and means "royal".

  • Wangi

    Means "fragrant" in Javanese.

  • Wapasha

    Means "red leaf" in the Dakota language.

  • Waqar

    Means "majesty, dignity" in Arabic.

  • Ward

    From an occupational surname for a watchman, derived from Old English weard "guard".

  • Wardell

    From a surname which was derived from a place name meaning "watch hill" in Old English.

  • Warden

    Warden is a variant of Ward.

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Names between Walenty and Warden that Begin with W. Walenty, Walentyna, Waleria, Walerian, Walery, Walganus, Walherich, Walid, Walker, Wallace, Waller, Wallis, Wally, Walmond, Walsh, Walt, Walter, Walther, Walton, Waltraud, Wanda, Wandal, Wandalin, Wang, Wangi, Wapasha, Waqar, Ward, Wardell, Warden, Names between Walenty and Warden that Begin with W

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