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  • Blaise

    From the Roman name Blasius which meant "lisping" from Latin blaesus.

  • Bláithín

    Variant of Bláthnat using a different diminutive suffix.

  • Blake

    From a surname which was derived from Old English blæc "black" or blac "pale".

  • Blanca

    Spanish cognate of Blanche.

  • Blanch

    Variant of Blanche.

  • Blanchard

    Blanchard is a French name and derives from the French word "blanc", which means "white".

  • Blanche

    From a medieval French nickname meaning "white, fair".

  • Blandina

    Latin form of Blandine.

  • Blandine

    French form of the Roman name Blandina, which was the feminine form of Blandinus, which was itself a derivative of the cognomen Blandus.

  • Blandinus

    Roman cognomen which was a derivative of Blandus.

  • Blandus

    Roman cognomen which meant "charming" in Latin.

  • Blanid

    Anglicized form of Bláthnat.

  • Blanka

    Form of Blanche.

  • Blas

    Spanish form of Blaise.

  • Blasius

    Original Latin form of Blaise.

  • Bláthnaid

    Variant of Bláthnat.

  • Bláthnat

    Means "little flower" from the Irish word blath "flower" combined with a diminutive suffix.

  • Blaž

    Slovene and Croatian form of Blaise.

  • Blaze

    Modern variant of Blaise influenced by the English word blaze.

  • Blazej

    Polish form of Blaise.

  • Blažej

    Czech form of Blaise.

  • Blaženka

    Croatian feminine form of Blaž.

  • Blazh

    Medieval Slavic name derived from the Slavic element blag meaning "sweet, pleasant, blessed".

  • Blazhe

    Bulgarian and Macedonian form of Blaise.

  • Bleddyn

    From Welsh blaidd "wolf" combined with a diminutive suffix.

  • Blejan

    Means "flower" in Cornish.

  • Blerta

    Derived from Albanian blertë "green".

  • Bleu

    Bleu is a French name and means "blue".

  • Blodeuwedd

    Means "face of flowers" in Welsh.

  • Blodeuyn

    Means "flower" in Welsh.

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Names between Blaise and Blodeuyn that Begin with B. Blaise, Bláithín, Blake, Blanca, Blanch, Blanchard, Blanche, Blandina, Blandine, Blandinus, Blandus, Blanid, Blanka, Blas, Blasius, Bláthnaid, Bláthnat, Blaž, Blaze, Blazej, Blažej, Blaženka, Blazh, Blazhe, Bleddyn, Blejan, Blerta, Bleu, Blodeuwedd, Blodeuyn, Names between Blaise and Blodeuyn that Begin with B

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