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  • Adolf

    From the Germanic name Adalwolf, which meant "noble wolf" from the Germanic elements adal "noble" and wulf.

  • Adolfito

    Spanish diminutive of Adolfo.

  • Adolfo

    Italian and Spanish form of Adolf.

  • Adolph

    English form of Adolf, rarely used since World War Ii.

  • Adolphe

    French form of Adolf.

  • Adolphus

    Latinized form of Adolf.

  • Adomas

    Lithuanian form of Adam.

  • Adon

    Adon is a short form of Adonai.

  • Adonai

    Means "my lord" in Hebrew.

  • Adoni

    Adoni is a variant of Adonai.

  • Adonias

    Adonias is a Spanish variant of Adonai.

  • Adonijah

    Means "my lord is Yahweh " in Hebrew.

  • Adoniram

    Means "my lord is exalted" in Hebrew.

  • Adonis

    From the Semitic Adonai, which means "lord".

  • Adoniyah

    Hebrew form of Adonijah.

  • Adora

    Short form of Adoración.

  • Adoracion

    Adoracion originates in Spanish language and simply means "adoration".

  • Adoración

    Means "adoration" in Spanish.

  • Adorinda

    Means "adorable" in Esperanto.

  • Adorjan

    Adorjan is a Hungarian variant of Adrian.

  • Adorján

    Hungarian form of Adrian.

  • Adrasteia

    Feminine form of Adrastos.

  • Adrastos

    Means "not inclined to run away" in Greek.

  • Adria

    Short form of Adriana.

  • Adrià

    Catalan form of Adrian.

  • Adriaan

    Dutch form of Adrian.

  • Adrian

    Form of Hadrianus (see Hadrian).

  • Adrián

    Spanish form of Hadrianus (see Hadrian).

  • Adriana

    Feminine form of Adrian.

  • Adrianna

    Feminine form of Adrian.

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Names between Adolf and Adrianna that Begin with A. Adolf, Adolfito, Adolfo, Adolph, Adolphe, Adolphus, Adomas, Adon, Adonai, Adoni, Adonias, Adonijah, Adoniram, Adonis, Adoniyah, Adora, Adoracion, Adoración, Adorinda, Adorjan, Adorján, Adrasteia, Adrastos, Adria, Adrià, Adriaan, Adrian, Adrián, Adriana, Adrianna, Names between Adolf and Adrianna that Begin with A

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