Adriana name - Meaning of Adriana

Adriana name - Meaning of Adriana

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Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, English
ahd-RYAH-nah (Italian, Spanish, Polish) , ayd-ree-AN-ə (English)
Adriana Meaning
Feminine form of Adrian.

Adriana Related Names
Variants: Adrianna (Polish), Adrianna, Adrianne (English)
Diminutives: Adria, Drina (English)
Masculine Forms: Adriano (Italian), Adrián (Spanish), Adriano (Portuguese), Adrian (Romanian), Adrian (Polish), Adrian (English)
Other Languages: Hadriana (Ancient Roman), Adrijana, Jadranka (Croatian), Adrienne (French), Adrienn, Ada (Hungarian), Adrijana, Jadranka (Serbian), Adrijana, Jadranka (Slovene)

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Meaning of Adriana Name

Adriana name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Adriana.

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