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  • Addie

    Diminutive of Adelaide.

  • Addison

    From an English surname meaning "son of Adam ".

  • Addy

    Diminutive of Adelaide.

  • Addyson

    Feminine variant of Addison.

  • Ade

    Variant of Adde.

  • Adebowale

    Means "my crown has come home" in Yoruba.

  • Adegoke

    Means "the crown has been exalted" in Yoruba.

  • Adel

    Variant transcription of Adil.

  • Adél

    Hungarian form of Adela.

  • Adela

    Originally a short form of names beginning with the Germanic element adal meaning "noble".

  • Adéla

    Czech form of Adela.

  • Adelaida

    Spanish and Hungarian form of Adelaide.

  • Adelaide

    From the French form of the Germanic name Adalheidis, which was composed of the elements adal "noble" and heid "kind, sort, type".

  • Adélaïde

    French form of Adelaide.

  • Adelais

    Shortened form of Adalheidis.

  • Adelajda

    Polish form of Adelaide.

  • Adelbert

    German and Dutch variant of Adalbert.

  • Adele

    Form of Adèle.

  • Adèle

    French form of Adela.

  • Adelhard

    Adelhard is the German form of the English name Abelard which means "noble, or resolute".

  • Adelheid

    German and Dutch form of Adelaide.

  • Adelia

    Elaborated form of Adela.

  • Adelina

    Latinate diminutive of Adela.

  • Adeline

    Diminutive of Adèle.

  • Adelita

    Spanish diminutive of Adela.

  • Adella

    Variant of Adela.

  • Adelle

    Variant of Adele.

  • Adelmar

    From the Germanic elements adal "noble" and meri "famous".

  • Adelmo

    Adelmo is an Italian and Spanish variant of Adelmar.

  • Adelmund

    Adelmund is another form of the names Adelhard or Adelmar.

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Names between Addie and Adelmund that Begin with A. Addie, Addison, Addy, Addyson, Ade, Adebowale, Adegoke, Adel, Adél, Adela, Adéla, Adelaida, Adelaide, Adélaïde, Adelais, Adelajda, Adelbert, Adele, Adèle, Adelhard, Adelheid, Adelia, Adelina, Adeline, Adelita, Adella, Adelle, Adelmar, Adelmo, Adelmund, Names between Addie and Adelmund that Begin with A

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