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  • Quill

    Quill originates in Gaelic languages and means "from the woods".

  • Quillan

    Quillan is a variant of Quill.

  • Quim

    Short form of Joaquim.

  • Quin

    Variant of Quinn.

  • Quincey

    Variant of Quincy.

  • Quincy

    From a surname which was derived (via the place name Cuinchy) from the given name Quintus.

  • Quinlan

    From an Irish surname which was derived from Ó Caoinlean meaning "descendent of Caoinlean".

  • Quinn

    From an Irish surname, an Anglicized form of Ó Cuinn meaning "descendent of Conn ".

  • Quintella

    Feminine diminutive of Quintus.

  • Quinten

    Variant and Dutch form of Quentin.

  • Quintilian

    From the Roman cognomen Quintilianus, which was itself derived from the Roman name Quintillus.

  • Quintilianus

    Original Latin form of Quintilian.

  • Quintillus

    Roman cognomen derived from the given name Quintus.

  • Quintin

    Variant of Quentin.

  • Quintina

    Feminine form of Quintinus.

  • Quintinus

    Roman cognomen which was originally derived from Quintus.

  • Quinton

    Variant of Quentin, also coinciding with an English surname meaning "queen's town" in Old English.

  • Quintus

    Roman praenomen, or given name, meaning "fifth" in Latin.

  • Quique

    Diminutive of Enrique.

  • Quirijn

    Dutch form of Quirinus.

  • Quirin

    German form of Quirinus.

  • Quirina

    Feminine form of Quirinus.

  • Quirino

    Italian, Portuguese and Spanish form of Quirinus.

  • Quirinus

    Possibly derived from the Sabine word quiris meaning "spear".

  • Qusay

    Possibly derived from Arabic (qasi) meaning "distant".

  • Quy

    Quy originates in Vietnamese language and it means "treasured".

  • Quý

    Means "precious" in Vietnamese.

  • Quyen

    Quyen originates in Vietnamese language and it means "Powerful, Power, Right ".

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Names between Quill and Quyen that Begin with Q. Quill, Quillan, Quim, Quin, Quincey, Quincy, Quinlan, Quinn, Quintella, Quinten, Quintilian, Quintilianus, Quintillus, Quintin, Quintina, Quintinus, Quinton, Quintus, Quique, Quirijn, Quirin, Quirina, Quirino, Quirinus, Qusay, Quy, Quý, Quyen, Names between Quill and Quyen that Begin with Q

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