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  • Qadir

    Means "capable, powerful" in Arabic.

  • Qadira

    Qadira originates in Arabic language and means "full of power".

  • Qamar

    Means "moon" in Arabic.

  • Qasim

    Means "one who divides goods among his people", derived from Arabic (qasama) "to share" or "to divide".

  • Qayshaun

    Qayshaun is a modern combination of the prefix Qay- and the name John.

  • Qeshaun

    Qeshaun is a modern combination of the prefix Qe- and the name John.

  • Qi

    Qi originates in Chinese language and means "emerging".

  • Qiana

    From the word for the silk-like material, introduced by DuPont in 1968 and popular in the fashions of the 1970s.

  • Qiang

    Means "strength" in Chinese.

  • Qillaq

    Means "seal hide" in Greenlandic.

  • Qing

    Means "greenish blue" in Chinese.

  • Qismat

    Means "fate" in Arabic.

  • Qiu

    Means "autumn" in Chinese.

  • Quan

    Quan originates in Vietnamese language and it means "army man".

  • Quân

    Means "army" from Sino-Vietnamese.

  • Quanah

    Means "fragrant" in the Comanche language.

  • Quang

    Means "clear" in Vietnamese.

  • Quanna

    Combination of the popular name prefix Qua and Anna.

  • Quantay

    Quantay is a newly invented name with no particular meaning.

  • Quartilla

    Quartilla originates in Latin language and means "the fourth".

  • Queen

    From an old nickname which was derived from the English word, ultimately from Old English cwen meaning "woman, wife".

  • Queenie

    Diminutive of Queen.

  • Quentin

    French form of the Roman name Quintinus.

  • Querida

    Querida originates in Spanish language and means "darling, beloved".

  • Quest

    Quest is an English name with Latin origins and means "journey or search".

  • Quetzalcoatl

    Means "feathered snake" in Nahuatl, derived from quetzalli "feather" and coatl "snake".

  • Quiana

    Variant of Qiana.

  • Quianna

    Variant of Qiana.

  • Quidel

    Means "burning torch" in Mapuche.

  • Quigley

    Quigley originates in Gaelic languages and means "strong".

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Names that Begin with Q. Qadir, Qadira, Qamar, Qasim, Qayshaun, Qeshaun, Qi, Qiana, Qiang, Qillaq, Qing, Qismat, Qiu, Quan, Quân, Quanah, Quang, Quanna, Quantay, Quartilla, Queen, Queenie, Quentin, Querida, Quest, Quetzalcoatl, Quiana, Quianna, Quidel, Quigley, Names that Begin with Q

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