Pisces and Virgo Friendship Compatibility

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Pisces and Virgo Friendship Compatibility

A friendship between a Virgo and a Pisces is a very compatible relationship. Virgo and Pisces lie opposite to each other in the Zodiac. Thus the partners balance each other wonderfully, and provide for each other’s deficiencies. Virgo and Pisces form a plain and simple pair, devoting themselves to each other and to their other friends. Both signs bring out the good qualities in each other, and form a lasting friendship.

Virgo and Pisces admire each other. They are kind and considerate, and form a wonderful relationship with each other. Virgo could provide stability and support for Pisces, and help them realise their plans and ambitions. Pisces could offer sympathy and understanding to Virgo. Virgo like worldly possessions, and find it difficult to comprehend the plain and easygoing nature of Pisces. Both partners want different things in life. Once they surmount these differences and combine their effort, they would develop a fantastic relationship.

The ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury, and the ruling planets of Pisces are Jupiter and Neptune. Mercury and Neptune form a wonderful planetary combination. They symbolise an almost unrealistic relationship. Jupiter represents philosophy, development, and abundance. The influence of Jupiter brings in energy and enthusiasm to the friendship. The partnership is gifted with imagination, sympathy, aptitude, and inventiveness.

Virgo is an earth sign, and Pisces is a water sign. These elements are compatible with each other. Virgo have more steadiness in their character, and are less influenced by their emotions. Virgo could strengthen Pisces from their touchy and sentimental nature. However, the fish’s lack of steadiness might annoy the virgin, at times; and the fish might find the virgin too uncertain of their relationship. Their friendship would flourish if the partners could overcome these differences.

Virgo and Pisces are both mutable signs. Both signs want to keep moving from one pursuit to another, as their feelings and desires command. They help and motivate each other, keeping their partnership filled with innovation and excitement. Arguments are very scarce in their relationship, and any that occur are easily resolved. Both Virgo and Pisces don’t mind giving in and making concessions.

The most striking aspect of a friendship between a Virgo and a Pisces is their complementary nature, and their amiable and pleasant behaviour towards each other. The sympathetic nature of both Virgo and Pisces, and their dedication to friendship create a deep, strong bond between them. Their loyalty, not just to each other, but to people around them as well, means that both signs are experts at maintaining strong and solid friendships.

Pisces and Virgo Friendship Compatibility
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