Pisces and Virgo Co-Worker Compatibility

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Pisces and Virgo Co-Worker Compatibility

When Virgo and Pisces work together, it generally makes for a good partnership. The two Signs are opposite each other within the Zodiac, and such Signs tend to be well balanced and offer what the other lacks. They are the easygoing, do-gooding duo, committing themselves to serving the community as well as each other. These coworkers bring out the best in one another and are a great combination.

Both Signs respect one another. They work toward a harmonious partnership and are basically tolerant and sympathetic people. Virgo can help Pisces fulfill dreams and ambitions and teach them to turn ideas into reality. Virgo will provide a solid, steady base for the more emotional and intuitive Fish. On the other hand, Pisces offers gentleness, kindness and an emotional depth which Virgo admires and appreciates. Virgo is interested in material comforts and at times cannot understand the simplistic attitude of Pisces. Their life's aspirations can be very different. Once they can accept and overcome this difference, and learn to combine their energies, theirs will be a very rewarding alliance.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury and Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. When Mercury and Neptune come together, a beautiful spiritual connection is made. Together, they represent an idealistic partnership which borders on the divine. Pisces is also ruled by Jupiter. This adds a yang energy to the combination and represents philosophy, expansion and excesses. This trio combines to provide excellent communication, empathy, imagination and creativity.

Virgo is an Earth Sign and Pisces is a Water Sign. Generally the two are very compatible, as both Water and Earth are tangible, physical entities. Pisces, as a Water Sign, is born to connect humankind, and when they come together with Earth there is no natural bond stronger. In turn, Virgo may have a more stable view of life, less prone to the emotional vagueness of Pisces. Virgo can help Pisces stabilize their sensitivity. Too much of a good thing can turn to mud if both partners aren't careful. Virgo may tire of Pisces' instability, and Pisces may in turn feel that Virgo is too skeptical. It will be easy for them to find a way to work around these disparities.

Virgo and Pisces are both Mutable Signs. Both like to move from one arena to another as the feeling takes them. They each are continuously inspired and assisted by one another, making a cyclical ring of new ideas and a steady stream of excitement. Conflict rarely arises between them, and when it does it quickly resolves itself. Both partners have learned the fine art and benefits of compromise.

The best aspect of the Virgo-Pisces relationship is their complementary and harmonious attitude toward one another. The overall empathy and commitment these two Signs value in a team is what will keep the ties strong and long lasting. Their devotion to one another, as well as to their friends and the community, make this business partnership the envy of those around them.

Pisces and Virgo Co-Worker Compatibility
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