Woman Stress

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Woman Stress

Woman Stress

Stress can involve a recent change or a daily pressure. Stress happens to everyone and can be motivating and productive or negative and destructive. Tension and anxiety, as well as depression, are frequent emotional consequences of stress.

Women are socialized to be the caretakers of others. More women than men have both a career outside the home and continue to try to juggle traditional responsibilities after hours.

Why does women are particularly susceptible to stress?
As women progress through life's stages, hormonal balance associated with premenstrual, postpartum and menopausal changes can affect chemical vulnerability to stress and depression. Other factors like income, job satisfaction, housing quality, heavy workload that often includes child care and the majority of day-to-day household tasks.

Women tend to be more involved in personal relationships than men and suffer more when they are disrupted.

The effects of stress on women’s physical and emotional health can range from headaches to irritable bowel syndrome. Specific stress effects include:
- Acne Breakouts.
- Hair Loss.
- Poor Digestion.
- Depression.
- Weight Gain.
- Insomnia.
- Decreased Fertility.
- Skin reactions.
- Lowered immune response.
- Concentration difficulty.
- Cancer.

Because of the widespread damage stress can cause, it's important to consult a therapy professional will help you to get it all under control and teach you new techniques for managing stress on your own.

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