Why is a Horseshoe Lucky when Hung over a Door?

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Why is a Horseshoe Lucky when Hung over a Door?

Why is a Horseshoe Lucky when Hung over a Door?

How to hang a horseshoe properly and catch good luck, We have a controversy about the proper way to nail a horseshoe over a door. Legs up or legs pointed down?

Horseshoes are often hung on doors or above doors, in the hope that it will provide luck to those within, as well as providing luck to those who enter and leave. They can also be hung within the house, where favorite places include the fireplace mantel or hallways.

Most traditions call for the horseshoe to hang with the ends pointed up, so that it forms a container to hold luck in. Rather less common, in some areas the opposite approach is taken, advising that the horseshoe should hang with the points pointing downwards, so that the natural luck of the horseshoe can drain out into the home. Some traditions indicate that a horseshoe hung in the wrong direction will bring bad luck, while others indicate that it is the horseshoe itself that brings luck so the direction of hanging is unimportant.

Horseshoes are a traditional good luck gift at a wedding, to be hung in the new home of the bride and groom.

Which horseshoes are most lucky?

Which horseshoes bring the most luck varies somewhat, depending on individual traditions. However, some common beliefs (see above discussion) are that:

- Used horseshoes are more lucky than new
- A found horseshoe is more lucky than one that is purchased.
- If a horseshoe is found, the more nails left in it, the luckier it is.
- Iron horseshoes are luckier than other materials.
- Horseshoes with seven nail holes are more lucky
- A properly hung horseshoe is more lucky (see above 'How to hang a horseshoe for luck')

Why is a Horseshoe Lucky when Hung over a Door?

So hang your horseshoe any old way you want, and I hope it brings you good luck. A home without evil spirits within it is therefore a very lucky home indeed.