The Krena Amulet

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The Krena Amulet

The Krena Amulet

The Krena activates your psychic powers, focuses them on a specific wish, and makes your dreams come true.

Everyone has psychic powers, but most of us have never used them. The energy and force of your psychic energy lie dormant, trapped within your mind. Unleash your psychic power to make your dreams come true! The Krena Amulet

The mysterious qualities of the Krena made it a priceless possession during medieval times. Only those who were said to possess magical powers had access to the Krena. Up until recently, the Krena had not been seen in Western culture.

How Does Krena Amulet Work?

The Krena absorbs the energy from our aura and focuses it on the wish of your choice. Simply hold the Krena tightly in your hand while concentrating on your wish. You will feel a rush of energy leaving your body. At the same time, the Krena will seem slightly heavier in weight and it will seem to throb in your hand! When you experience these sensations, you will know your wish has taken hold.

The Krena is an ancient amulet whose design, shape, and composition allow it to absorb your energy, concentrate it in a tiny but powerful mass and direct it toward the fulfillment of your wish. The Krena is activated by your untrained but nevertheless potent psychic powers! Thus, the Krena allows you to use your psychic powers that have lain dormant in your mind for so long.