Taurus and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

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Taurus and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

A friendship between a Taurus and a Scorpio involves a relationship between two signs that lie opposite each other in the Zodiac. Star signs with polarity such as these complement each other well. They feel a strong attraction to each other, resulting in a stimulating combination. Taurus and Scorpio are similar to each other in a lot of ways. But their strong individualities could make them swing to and fro between friendship and contention.

Taurus and Scorpio love to collaborate with each other to make their mark in life; Taurus always after wealth, and Scorpio always after power. Both partners are focused on worldly possessions and social positions, but they enjoy other aspects of life, as well. They balance each other well, as Taurus are completely focused on self, while Scorpio are all about family and friends. Taurus are more open and honest, while Scorpio are more subtle and mysterious. Both partners should control their differences, and then they could learn from each other.

The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus, and the ruling planets of Scorpio are Mars and Pluto. Mars and Venus go well together. Their combination represents a good balance of masculine and feminine energy, and Pluto’s influence makes it more dynamic and intense. A combination between Taurus and Scorpio arises from the very base of human instincts: Venus’ love and Mars’ passion. Taurus love the intensity of Scorpio, and Scorpio love the dedication of Taurus.

Taurus is an earth sign, and Scorpio is a water sign. Scorpio are capable of strong and deep feelings. Continual suppression of emotions by Scorpio could result in violent powerful outbursts of uncontrolled passion. The bull and the scorpion express a strong fidelity to each other, a trait springing from their need for emotional security. The bull is more frank and honest and lay bare its feelings openly, but the scorpion is more reserved and reticent. Scorpio could teach Taurus how to look beyond the surface and in depth into things, while Taurus could teach Scorpio to be more frank and direct. Scorpio love Taurus logical mind; and Taurus love Scorpio jealous nature, it makes them feel they are wanted.

Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs. Once they have established their aims and objectives, they would stop at nothing to attain them. However, any disagreements could lead to violent outbursts. It might appear that Taurus dominate the partnership, but appearances can be deceptive. Even though, Scorpio give in for the moment, they exact their revenge sooner or later through emotional control. Taurus and Scorpio should always communicate to each other and keep things at a balance. Once they trust each other, their combined resolute nature could help them go to great lengths. But their friendship could be seriously affected if both friends refuse to relax their stubborn nature.

The most notable aspect of a friendship between a Taurus and a Scorpio is the sheer strength of their combined efforts once they have agreed on their aims and objectives. Once they have settled down and are comfortable with each other, their joint resolution makes them a very formidable team.

Taurus and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility
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